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Action against Udugampola
The Attorney General's Department has directed Police Chief T. E. Anandarajah to take disciplinary action against ASP Kulasiri Udugampola for filing indictments against Army Commander Lionel Balagalle and other Army personnel in the Chief Magistrate's Courts in Kandy.

The move came as Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe ordered that the case be withdrawn after it came to light that Mr. Udugampola had filed the court action without informing his own superiors - the Superintendent of Police (Kandy), Deputy Inspector General of Police (Central Range) and the Inspector General of Police. In addition, he has also not consulted the Attorney General.

On September 3, the Kandy Police Special Crime Investigation and Operation Unit headed by ASP Udugampola filed action before Kandy Chief Magistrate Leon Seneviratne against Lt. Gen. Balagalle, Military Intelligence Director Kapila Hendavithana and six soldiers charging them with keeping explosives in stock without adequate care and precaution at a safe house.

The Sunday Times learns that Police Chief Anandarajah telephoned Lt. Gen. Balagalle to apologise to him on behalf of the Police for ASP Udugampola's action and to assure him that disciplinary action would be taken. Mr Anandarajah has also directed Mr. Udugampola to withdraw the case he has filed. (See also Situation Report))

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