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A novelist goes in search of a plot
By Susitha R. Fernando

Kumara Jayakantha and Semini Iddamalgoda in the movie "Randoli"

In "Randoli" a woman writer goes in search of material for her latest novel to a mysterious Walawwa. This is telecast every Thursday at 9.00 pm Swarnavahini .

Devindi Attanayake is the daughter of a very successful business family. The girl doesn't like to join her father's business and starts working for a magazine. Devindi soon becomes a popular novelist and a publisher asks her to write a story with a "Walawwa" as its background. Determined to base the novel on personal experience she finds a newspaper advertisement calling for a house keeper for the "Sooriyathenna Walawwa". Devindi becomes the successful applicant for the job.

The girl though full of enthusiasm finds the place haunted and mysterious. Mrs. Sooriyathenna, the Kumarihamy of the Wallawa had suddenly disappeared long ago while her son Dhanuska was still a child and Mr. Sooriyathenna on a wheel chair. Piyathilake, the clerk and gardener of the Walawwa resents the arrival of Devindi at Sooriyathenna Walawwa and tries to harm her.

Madhavi, Dhanushka's fiancé too is envious of Devindi because of her beauty. She too joins Piyathilake to get Devindi away.

One day Devindi clashes with Piyathilake thus realizing that Piyathilake has had a hand in the disappearance of Kumarihamy. However the fight resulted in Piyathilake suffering a life long handicap. Following this incident many mysteries are unravelled.

The affair between Madhavi and Dhanushka breaks. All these Devindi includes in her novel. Dilani Abeywardena, Ashoka Peiris, Kumara Jayakantha, H. A. Perera, Semini Iddamalgoda, Ananda Wickrema are in the lead roles of 'Randoli'.

'Wedi Handa' launched
The Muhurath ceremony of new teledrama Wedi Handa; was held at Trans Asia Hotel recently. Teledrama "Wedi Handa" is created from the award winning novel by Gunasekera Gunasoma.

Sriyantha Mendis, Cletus Mendis, Rebecca Nirmali, Sriyani Amarasena, Nimal Chandrasiri de Silva, Sameera Champika Dassanayake, Sahan Chatura Kumarage, Nimal Pallewatta star in this teledrama. Music for the teledrama will be by Saman de Silva and the camera will be handled by Kithisiri Hewage. 'Wedi Handa' is directed and produced by Samson Kumarage, who is the director of 'Somapura

'Bahu Boothayo': a weird comedy
"Bahu Boothayo", directed by Udayakantha Warnasuriya is a comedy based on a Sinhala folk tale and will be released on EAP circuit from August 8.

Paboda Sandeepani as 'Tikiri Naga'

Mr. Udayakantha's latest directorial effort revolves around an evil spirited girl in human form and the incidents take place when she gets friendly with two mediamen.

According to the script 'Bunty' and 'Lanty' played by Mahendra Perera and Rodney Warnakula are two journalists. Having been assigned to work on a story about witchcraft the couple one day make a journey to a place abounding in information on the subject for which they were collecting material.

As the two friends could not finish their work on time they decide to spend the night hiring a room in a house owned by an old man who lived all alone. But Bunty and Lanty suddenly find a pretty girl serving them their dinner at the table; when questioned the old man replied that the girl "Tikiri" was his daughter, who helps him in the household work.

However the two journalists who were attracted by her beauty invites the girl to join them to go to the city. They realized that Tikiri though not accepting their invitation followed them to their home stealthily and keeps on their trail wherever they may be. Finding this unexpected presence of a beautiful girl in the form of a spirit disturbing their work they decide to go in search of help of a monk living in a nearby temple who was well versed in witch craft.

From the monk they learn the secret behind Tikiri. However the monk agrees to help them in their predicament. The evil spirit is got rid of and the journalists return to the city.

Suddenly one morning they find 'Tikiri' standing at their door step causing bitter and hilarious situations in the lives of Bunty and Lanty.

After having directed films like 'Mahamera Pamula', 'Gini Avi Saha Gini Keli', 'Bahu Barya', Udayakantha took only one month in completing this new film.

The cast include Mahendra Perera, Rodney Warnakula, Paboda Sandeepani, Wijaya Nandasiri, Srinath Maddumage, Quintus Weerakoon, Senaka Perera.

The film is a family entertainment and sure to go down well with the film going public as this is the first of it kind, comedy blend with horror.

New film on mini screen
The 15 episode 'Sanda Gini Gath Rathriya', is scripted and directed by Gihan Rohana.

A scene from 'Sanda Gini Gath Rathriya'

This is telecast every Wednesday at 9 pm on Swarnavahini channel.

The major roles in this teledrama are played by Susantha Chandramali, Janaka Kumbukge, Roshan Ravindra, Wijeratne Warakagoda, Nilanthi Wijesinghe, Mali Jayaweera and child actress Sandali Seneka.

Among the technical crew were Prabath Roshan handling the camera, Sujeewa Paranahewa doing the art direction and Roshan Ravindra handling the make-up.

To the music direction of Navaratne Gamage, Bandara Athauda and Sashika Nisansala have rendered the voice for both songs and recitals. Mahesh Munasinghe and Stanley Medagedara assisted in the direction while Dhammika Priyangani and Laksiri Nandasena handled production for 'Gimani' Films.

New film from Prasanna
The Muhurath of 'Ira Madiyama' ('August Sun') directed by Prasanna Vithanage and produced by Soma Edirisinghe takes place in Colombo tomorrow evening.
With this film, Vithanage breaks a five-year silence after 'Purahanda Kaluwara' of 1997. 'Ira Madiyama' is incidentally the twenty second film produced by the EAP Group.

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