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Thank you for all your contributions to the 100 words page on 'Centre'. The theme for September is "Pink". Please send in your work before August 17 to:
Madhubhashini Ratnayake
C/o The Sunday Times
8, Hunupitirya Cross Road, Colombo.

The asphalt still smouldering,
From the day's inexorable sun,
Tipped suddenly.
An amazing, impossible angle.
The heat penetrated the pores of my face,
Split seconds before my temple,
Smacked into the pavement.
A million stars, of many hues
Exploded obstreperously in the recess of my brain
With tears born of shame and pain.
I am the centre of attention.
Gawking side walkers,
Sympathetic, snickering, shocked.
Hurt and humiliated, wretched and spread-eagled.
Once more the centre of somebody's laughter.
Shivanthi Balasuriya

Different stories
"It's called the secret Centre," the young Army veteran said in a matter-of-fact way. "They have all the modern technologies. They monitor me constantly. Doctor, whenever I think of anything, their sensors know it."

"And your wife's betrayal?"

"It's they who told me." He was so certain. "Their waves cross my brain and tell me everything about her."

I looked up and saw his young pregnant wife's tearful eyes, which were partially hidden behind the door, telling another sad story. I looked down and scribbled in the ticket, trying to put an end to their dishevelled lives: "Acute Psychotic Disorder."
Mahesh Rajasuriya

Chalk Circle
At the centre
Of the white circle
The little prince stands
Waiting for the split second
For his fate to be decided.

The two women stand
On either side
Competitors of a fierce game.
The little one prays
"God..., give her strength
To grab me"

The poor maid prays too.
"Oh! God
I can't do it
I just can't ...."
Sajeewani Apsara Fernando

Theme 'Centre'
You think you are the centre of everything she complains,

Do you think the sun, the moon revolves around you?

She asks;

I give no reply - having never consciously thought about it,

But so let it be if you say so. Is it wrong to think you're special? Do you envy me?

Born together
Yet from two ova
Born equal
Yet treated different
Bound to drift apart
With a widening rift
I was the chosen one
The centre of attention
While you sulked
In a dark corner
Everything was mine
Without ever a fight
My guns rattled
While your rag dolls suffered
I grew arrogant
With pumped up hype
You grew careful
To avoid being bashed
You hit the stars
While I flopped
A crack in the centrepiece
Yet, mend it you did
Our angel, unloved
Thushara Chathuranga.

The Doctor
With my spotlessly white overcoat
And my prestigious stethescope
Hanging loosely round my neck
I am the centre
Of this ward.
Spilling over with sickness.
People look in awe at me
From beds, from mats
Like a demigod
A panacea for all their ills.
I step into a plane
To find my centre
In faraway climes
Where super breezes of luxury blow.
I look
At my country
My people
Sick with sorrow
Through the other end
Of a binoculars.
They seem so faraway.
I am the centre
of this plush foreign hospital
Priscilla Pereira

The centre
A circle was drawn...
The compass made a mark
Piercing the paper.
"Why mum?" asked the boy.
"It has left a scar!"
"Hmm," said mum, "the pressure
Was too much that's why."
She let her thoughts wonder.
"Our home is like this circle
The only difference is that
Dad and I didn't put pressure
At the centre...
To pierce and hurt the core.
Instead completed the circle
Preserving the oneness of home and brood.
Cushioned, fashioned and tended,
Moulded and blended
To stand complete in this world."
Maithri Samarasinghe

Celebrating with 'The Gift'
This month 101.7 TNL- Sri Lanka's first private radio station and the only local station to win the prestigious NAB International Broadcasting Excellence Award, celebrates 9 years on the air.

The station has long been known for its social work and has its own community division-TNL Action. To mark the anniversary TNL Action decided to carry out a very special promotion. Named "The Gift" this promotion asks listeners to send the station lots and lots of presents. But before you get the wrong idea, these gifts are not for the TNL crew. They are for the 206 adults and children and 15 infants at the Ceylon Fellowship of Service and the Preethipura Home in Wattala.

If you would like to be a part of this project, deliver your 'gift' in the form of baby food, milk, dry rations, stationery items, toiletries and toys to TNL Radio at 52, 5th Lane, Colombo 3 by August 7.

On August 10, members of the TNL crew will spend the day with the adults and children at the two homes, and will also be providing lunch for all the residents. "The Gift" is co- sponsored by Seylan Bank and Hospital lottery lotto.

For more details about "The Gift" just tune into 101.7 TNL or call the TNL Action Coordinator on 575000 or 301081.

Light of the World contest
Familians took the honours at the 15th Light of the World contest conducted by the Bible Society and was held at "Bible House" Colpetty on July 13.

Maryse Emmanuel who was placed 1st among the senior contestants was also awarded the prestigious overall Challenge Trophy. She was the Head Girl of Holy Family Convent, Bambalapitiya in the year 2001.

Sashikala Subramaniam was placed 1st among the intermediate contestants. She has won this award for the past three consecutive years. She has also won the prestigious Overall Challenge Trophy in 2000 and 2001. She brought honour to her school Holy Family Convent winning the prize awarded by the International Examination Board of Trinity College U.K. for the Intermediate section in spoken English. She is also the leader of the Western Band of H.F.C.

Anushiya Bastianpillai was placed first in the junior section. She was also placed 1st in the English medium, junior category at the Inter School Announcing competition in the year 2002 organised by the Broadcasting Unit of Ananda College. She was the Head Girl of the Primary School in the year 2001.

"The credit of our achievements go to Mrs. Wendy Holsinger," said the girls.

Take a brow
What do Liz Hurley, Natalie Imbruglia and Catherine Zeta-Jones have in common? Great brows! Shavata Singh, who grooms the likes of Elle Macpherson and Lulu, believes they're the most important part of your face. Here are her tips for perfect plucking.

  • Using a good pair of pointed tweezers, pluck brows after a shower when your pores are open.
  • Aim for a lifting arch. Work with the natural shape, but have the arch working around the centre or towards the outer corner of your eye.
  • Pluck hairs from underneath the brow. Create a balanced look by doing a few at a time from each one, rather than separately. Plucking a few a day makes your brows easier to manage.
  • Try shortening your brows a little once you hit 35 - it'll give you a more youthful look. And don't taper them too much or they'll look like tadpoles!

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