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Frills, curls and gypsy twirls
Want to know what's in and what's not in fashion? Ruwanthi Herat Gunaratne finds out

Forget those tailored coats, and stiff necklines. Peasant chic is in! The hottest looks from the catwalk though not too practical have been cleverly interpreted to suit day to day to day wear.

"There's nothing as big as the total folksy revolution that has hit the market," says Otara Chandiram of Odel (Pvt.) Ltd. "The ability to provide designer styling at affordable prices is what has been a make or break factor with many of the high street stores."

The look to portray this season is decidedly soft, pretty, fresh and feminine. But care has to be taken as it can get easily overdone and look out of place. A gypsy skirt with a plain top or even a smart tailored suit with a frilly shirt can do wonders.

"It's folksy, it's gypsy," says Purnima Abeyaratne, "The gypsy look comes from the 1970s. Skirts are flouncy and their lengths vary. Bandannas and skull caps from the 1920s too are very popular."

But never fear, those denims need not be hidden in the back of the closet this season. "It has become the backbone of the modern wardrobe and there are many ways to wear it, more than ever before. No longer is it only suitable for the casual morning or a weekend jaunt but denim can now be sexy, smart and super fashionable depending only on what you team it up with," comments Otara. Denims should ideally be faded and sport sequins, tassels and almost anything that can accentuate the folksy look.

The 'must have' this season seems to be a white suit which can be carried off in style with different coordinates to make it look ultra dressy. Tiered skirts and homespun fabric teamed together with rich crochet accessories take centre stage at most dress boutiques.

If you want to accessorize this is the time to do so. The belt has skyrocketed to popularity. "Large ornate belts are also to be found as well as belts of pure lace, either wide or narrow, which trim the tops of the pants or skirts and add a touch of elegance," says Otara. Jewellery is the main focus. The choice is endless and trimmings especially on handbags are a top priority. Earrings, rings and bracelets are aplenty.

According to Purnima beaded lengthy chains are worn either tied somewhere in the middle or wrapped around to form varying lengths - this has been adopted from the 1920's. The season's fashions show heavy Spanish, bohemian and a touch of Indian influence.

For shoes, the key styles this season are ankle boots, and anything with top stitching, perforations, lacing and patterned cuts. Ethnic sandals and beady flip flops too are much in demand and are freely available. "Shoes are heavily pointed," says Purnima, "They can be open or closed but the pointed effect is always present."

"The look in general is a perfect combination of the American Wild West and home-spun folksy. If however, you don't want to go the whole hog with the peasant look - any one of these accessories, teamed with one of your favourite items from your wardrobe, can give a whole new look," advises Otara.

Purnima feels that while straight hair is totally 'out' the gypsy curls worn either long or short and sported with heavy eye make up forms the look of the season.

The general look is rather bold but if you are willing to adapt, go ahead, it's crazy, hip but free!

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