Chutzpah again
This real life story has the ingredients for a good soap opera with all the intrigue, sensation and sex.

The Americans would call it chutzpah (pronounced hoots pa), or shameless audacity. That has shocked not only the top brass but also some leading UNF types.

The two star man, just over one score plus twenty, who figured in a kiss and tell drama overseas eight years ago, is in the news again.

Insiders say he is in luck's way this time, not because he has won a newfound companion. The fair lady has walked out from her own partner for years, not alone but with the family silver - money and deeds of property worth millions. The duo began a new chapter with a visit to a holy place in the South.

Having failed with persuasive methods, the distressed relatives are consulting lawyers. It is not only to go to Courts but also to make representations to the political leadership and the top brass.

They also want to tell the man to keep the fair lady, if he so wishes, but not the millions in cash and property.

Will the man, one with a queer fancy for chutneys and bathtubs, become a millionaire ? Or will he end up as the villain in the latest scandal to hit uniformed ranks? Only time will tell.

Advisor on police administration
A one time Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) in charge of Colombo is to become the Government's advisor on Police Administration.

The Cabinet gave approval for the appointment of retired Police officer A.S. Seneviratne this week. He will advise Interior Minister John Amaratunga.

Gung ho and gallantry
President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga this Tuesday awarded medals to members of the security forces for gallantry.

After officers and men in the Army, Navy and Air Force were recommended by their respective service commanders, a tri-services committee headed by Army Chief of Staff, Maj. Gen. Lohan Gunawardena made the final selections. Now that the event is over, there is a different kind of display of "gallantry" by some who did not receive the medals they expected.

One self appointed hero, a buddy of the boss, reportedly intimidated two members of the Committee in his own service that made recommendations for gallantry. That was for torpedoing his name for a top award. Both have complained to the boss about reported threats but are worried no action is forthcoming. They also fear their complaints would now be leaked to the media. One wag remarked "if there is a gallantry award for gung ho, he would win it hands down."

Another hero who was chosen for exceptional "gallantry," of all people on a recommendation by himself, had second thoughts. He wrote to Maj. Gen. Gunawardena stating that he would not accept the medal that was to be awarded to him. He has chosen to remain an unsung hero, at least for the time being.

AHQ probes attempt to molest female officer
The lady officer in a one time operational area was forced to abandon camp and flee to her own unit headquarters in the City. She has complained that a very senior officer in the Brigade Headquarters tried to molest her one night. After a complaint she made to her own boss, who in turn reported the matter to top brass, Army Headquarters has ordered a full inquiry. Whether politicians of the present and the previous regimes, who helped him to stay longer in his posting, will be able to help or not remains to be seen.

No fundamental rights for them?
An officer and four soldiers attached to the Army's Directorate of Military Intelligence (DMI), who were assigned to the Int Cell, or Safe House at Athurugiriya, have filed Fundamental Rights applications in the Supreme Court.

This is on the grounds that, among other matters, they were unlawfully detained.

Now that the truth behind the Safe House is known, that it was a legitimate covert operation by the DMI, high pressure moves are afoot to force the men to withdraw their cases. The men say they are only exercising a right which they are entitled to under the law. But others mounting pressure fear, the embarrassment that would follow will be too much to stomach

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