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Rahubedde filming in New Zealand
By Susitha R. Fernando
Popular novelist and script writer Sumithra Rahubedde is in New Zealand filming her maiden teledrama 'Sara' in which some New Zealand actors have joined with the local cast.
Mrs. Rahubadde is an award winning writer and was once the chair-person of the committee dealing with Wijewardena Novel (script) competition section. The story woven around 'Sara' is a 15 year old girl. Her father is Carl Siriwardena and step mother is Veronica. William and Catherine are her step brother and sister.

Carl is a university lecturer. While living in New Zealand they get caught up in a nuclear war. The whole country is devastated by this nuclear war. It is announced that the nuclear dust is fatal and would cause death within a limited time. Veronica is trapped in a room with the children. All the while Carl is trapped in a Nuclear Prevention Centre with a young European girl and he is prevented from leaving the Unit. He is informed that everyone who lived in his humble hometown had passed away. During this time he has an affair with the European girl, with whom he is trapped in the centre.

Veronica in the meantime is doing all she could to save her life and the children's too. Sara, who lives with them is working with her stepmother and tries hard to help save her step siblings.

Carl and the European girl has a daughter together and after seventeen years they decides to come back to Carl's humble hometown. They are amazed by the after effects of the nuclear war.

New Zealand- Sri Lanka joint cast for the major roles in 'Sara' include Duleeka Marapana, Ama Wijesekara, Keerthi Pasquel, Benjamin Mitchell. Alex Lee, Anastasia Smirnova, Duneeshya Gunasekara.

Scripted, produced and co-directed by Sumithra Rahubadde in association with Sudath Devapriya the tele-play is edited by Ravindra Guruge. Music director for the tele is Tharpathy Munasinghe.

'Thahanam Gaha': A film with a political flavour
By Susitha R. Fernando
"Thahanam Gaha" depicting the fall of the leftist movement due to the machination of a woman involved with leaders is to be released soon on CEL circuit.
The film is the second directorial effort of Christy Shelton Fernando and is produced by Ranjith Perera.

Roland Wijewardena (Ashoka Peiris) who received a colonial education is a highly respected lawyer. He toiled ceaselessly to win for the poor class the labour rights. A popular politician who won everybody's heart. Helen(Sunethra Sarathchandra) is Wijewardena's wife. She is a radical thinker and both her parents are based in England.

The two children in the Wijewardena family, Sarath the eldest is a lawyer by profession and wants to follow his father's political lineage. Wasantha the youngest is still a student. After the death of Wijewardena, Helen lives along with a servant named Sumana. Living in an estate belonging to the family the two sons look after it.

Wasantha, young as he is, falls in love with a school girl, Nirmala (Dilhani Ekanayake) who lives with her mother, Seetha (Anoja Weerasinghe). Looking after the property inherited from her dead husband Seetha was widowed in her youth and her beauty had not faded yet. In fact she has a good taste for arts and quality music.

Hearing of her daughter's affair Seetha one day invites Wasantha to her home. Wasantha takes his only brother too for the journey and Seetha satisfied with the two brothers approves of the affair. The two brothers who regularly visited Seetha's family become close friends of the two women. But Sarath who has similar taste as that of Seetha develops an affair with Seetha despite strong objection from his younger brother. Conflict between two brothers prompts Wasantha to leave his brother. Meanwhile Seetha who had earlier been approved of the affair between Wasantha and her daughter now comes to oppose it. But the youngsters wed in secret and Sarath who desired to follow in his father's footsteps begins to dabble in politics but does not achieve much success due to lack of experience in working with the people. Despite many upsets Sarath is finally pitted against 'Punchibandara Dissanayake' a right wing politician and a brother of Seetha's late husband who is also an influential businessman in the area.

As the election fever rises Puchibandara uses Sarath's illicit affair with his brother's wife in the campaign to attack the left leaning candidate. Not only from out side even within the party Sarath is criticised for his bad conduct and poor performance in leadership. However Sarath loses the election and Punchibandara is elected to parliament.

Disheartened Nirmala who failed in her attempts to stop the affair between her mother and Sarath, commits suicide. Wasantha following the death of his fiancee too commits suicide. Though losing everything Seetha and Sarath continue with the affair which was disapproved from everyone. Selling all the property she inherited by her legitimate husband Seetha leaves the village with Sarath. Helen, the disheartened mother after the death of her younger son and the illicit affair carried on by her elder son, decides to go in search of her own freedom. Thus "Thahanam Gaha" depicts the end of an era of great political ideology due to the individual failures of its unfitting leaders.

Razi Anwar, Cyril Wickremage, Shashi Wijendra, Indrajith Navinna and Srimathi Heenatigala are also in the cast in the film in which the story, screenplay and direction was done by Christy Shelton Fernando for the production of Ranjith Perera for Winson films.

Andrew Jayamanne handles the camera and Elmo Halliday is the editor. Visharadha Nanda Malani, Ivor Dennis, Karunaratne Diulgane and Pradeepa Dharmadasa rendered their voices to the music direction of Sarath Wickrema.

Immortal Muttusamy
The fourteenth death anniversary of R. Muttusamy falls on Thursday June 27.

Late R. Muttusamy was the Assistant Music Director for the first Sinhala motion picture, 'Kadawunu Poronduwa' (Broken Promise), which was released at the Kingsley Cinema in 1947.

Born on January 5, 1926 Muttusamy Master, as he was fondly known, composed music for more than 225 Sinhala and Tamil films in Sri Lanka. Ramaya Muttusamy hailed from the village of Nagarkovil in South India and was the only son of versatile Malayalee musician Ramaya Baghwather. Little Muttusamy who had practised on a baby violin enjoyed the rare privilege of mastering the violin at the tender age of ten.

Then R. Narayana lyer, the music director of Kadawuna Poronduwa gave the opportunity for Muttusamy to join his orchestra as the Assistant Director having recognised his talents as a violinist. Later the South Indian producer of the film had encouraged Muttusamy to visit Ceylon where his career as a music director was firmly established.

On October 20 1952 Muttusamy Master joined the state-owned Radio Ceylon's Tamil Orchestra and in 1953 he joined producer Nayagam to be in charge of his newly built Sundera Murugan Studio (Now SPM Studio) in Kandana. During this period business tycoon-cum-film producer K. Gunaratnam sought his services for the movies he produced.

In 1953 Muttusamy made his debut as a film music director with the Sinhala film Prema Tharangaya.

He received an award for the Best Music Director for the film from the South Indian Journalists' Association. This paved him the way to compose sweet stuff for hundreds of films like Puduma Leyli, Ahankara Sthree, Mathalan, Sandeshaya, Sithaka Mahima, Nalangana etc.

Among the hundreds of popular hits for which he composed music were Walpola's Honda Hondama Weya Lowa, Lankaren Malak Pipee, Jothipala's Puruthugeesikaraya, Haroon Lantra's Mage Namalee, Milton Perera's Winodawenna, Sujatha's Aadare Mandire are a few hits that comes to our mind instantly. Several South Indian and local singers have sung under Muttusamy's baton. Dharmadasa, Lata, Jothipala, Angeline, Mohideen Baig, Sujatha, GSB, Narada Dissasekera were some notable local singers while Pundit Amaradeva had also read his violin under Muttusamy Masters' direction.

In recognition of his contribution to the Sinhala cinema and music scene, the then Prime Minister, Sir John Kotelawela awarded him an honourary Ceylon citizenship in June 1956. He re-joined the Radio Ceylon in 1958 and served there till January 1981. On October 7, 1961 he married B.D.E. Neeliya Perera, who hailed from a well known Sinhalese family in Kandy and had four children, Mohanraj and three daughters, Chitrangi, Prasanna Vadhani and Keerthika. His only son Mohanraj of 'Apsaras' fame is today a talented musician like his father.

Apart from being a Carnatic music teacher, Muttusamy Master was also a singer too who rendered his voice in several Sinhala films.

Some of them like Madura Yame, Giluna Soka Gange, Mage Desama Piyawee Unne are popular even today. In commemoration of 10th death anniversary ceremony was held June 1998 at the Elphinstone Theatre where first of his songs were sung under his son Mohanraj's music direction. The master tunesmith who rendered yeoman services to the silver screen passed away peacefully on June 27, 1988 at the Sulaiman's Hospital.

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