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I paced the corridor,
I looked at my watch.
It was almost three hours since
She had been taken into the theatre.
Cold sweat poured down my back,
Despite the coolness of the area.
I looked up and saw the door open.
The doctor came out and started walking towards me.
His footsteps echoed loudly in the silent passage
Each step he took pounded like a drum
In tune with my heartbeat
It seemed like eternity.
When he finally reached me
I waited with bated breath
He looked me in the eye and said,
It's a boy.
by Nushi

(Dedicated to the 2002 O/L batch of Crescent School International)
Nothing lasts forever
All things come to an end
Love, life and happiness
Success and all the friends
They leave sooner or later
To be replaced by more
Sorrow, pain and disaster.

Loving hearts and comforting words
Of a friend who is about to leave
Can never reassure me
That one-day, things would be the same
No, it would never.
Time changes everything
It decays the dead,
Changes hearts
And makes us forget
All the treasured moments
That we enjoyed till the end.

I hardly have a choice
I cannot hold you back
And yet I can't forget it all
I guess I'll have to pick up the pieces
Of all that remains, and continue
It's hard to say good-bye
But we must, for in the name
Of love, life and happiness
One day, we just have to let go.
By Ayesha Muhsin

My favourite book
"What is your favourite book?"inquisitively you ask
Answering that question is not such a difficult task
The book 'Laugh a while' by the State Printing Corporation
The prestigious printing press of the nation.
Priced at Rs. 60 a copy, the book is worth more,
Containing jokes and humorous stories galore
In Sarasavi Bookshops it is being sold
There is a great demand for it I am told.
Says Dr. K. Subramaniam in his Book Review,
Read 'Laugh a while' for entertainment in view
Of the fact that laughter dismisses your cares
In this topsy turvy world full of nightmares.
'Laugh a while' is written in flawless English
Read it if you want to improve your English
Advises Dr. Subramaniam, who is a Bachelor of Arts
In addition to having a Ph.D and Master of Arts
K. Perera

He is a father
Wakes up at dawn
Works till late at night
Eats something for the day
Drinks water for the rest.

His son is a doctor
Daughter is an engineer
Both live abroad
A proud father he is.

He loves to be with his children
They never come back to see him
He goes to the past to be with them
While working for his bread and butter.
Anjalie Chandima Silva

Your love
Nothing can prevent me
I was attracted
By your innocent eyes.
I am serious.
Since your love
I am your eternal love.
You are the mirror of
My life.
You became close to me
As my dream
Became true, but
Always or even sometimes
Your hurt can destroy me
U. Lawrence

If we could but see
For a moment of a second
When we look at ourselves
If we can realise who we are
We'd be able to establish our future properly.
In the modern era, by hook or by crook
Everyone intends to be the first
Many of us think we are correct
But very few can correct themselves.
As Science is growing
Spiritual aspect of human life is falling down and down
There'll be many to point out
But there'll be few to react.
Money is a disguised demon
We have to be friendly with him
To help us in our day-to-day life
But not with greed and lust.
By Tharindu Weerasinghe

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