It's time for high tea
My Dear Avamangala,

I am sorry to write to you at this time, when you have ceased to become 'Jayamangala' and would more appropriately be called 'Avamangala'. But I thought I must, especially after your recent trip to the See Eye Dee.

But to look on the bright side, Avamangala, now you are in good company-first the General went there, then the Actor went there and now you have gone there, so much so that this trip might well become a status symbol within your party and who knows, the way the wheels of justice are moving, we might even see Satellite herself going there!

Anyway, I am sure you had plenty to talk to the khakied chaps over 'helapa' and tea- about the Matara shooting and about those credit cards. But we hear that you are now saying that these are all fabricated charges.

It's funny though, Avamangala, because we have heard this story of 'fabricated charges' before. Remember what happened at Batalanda- well, how could you forget? And then there was this story of how the greens and the Tigers got together and planted the Town Hall bomb against Satellite? So, don't blame the police for these 'fabricated' charges because they seem to have learnt the fine art of fabricating very well when it was taught to them a few years ago!

Anyway, Avamangala, we did see you seated on the same stage with the Crown Prince and We We the Red Man. It's funny isn't it, hardly a year ago, you were calling the shots, the Reds were taking to the streets asking that the Presidency be abolished and the Crown Prince was with the Greens! But now you are all together trying to convince our simple voters that the Greens are all Tigers with Sinhalese nicknames!

And, what is even more surprising is that you of all people- the creator of the 'Sudu Nelum' campaign which promised us peace and sang the praises of avoiding war- should now be asking us not to pursue peace. At least the professor who is now on the other side is consistent- he wants peace at all costs and he wants to be on the ruling side by whatever means!

Then, Avamangala, we have heard you complaining about not setting up the independent commissions and how everyone is biased because of that. Now, haven't we heard the Greens making the same complaint when you were holding the reins of power? And wasn't Satellite then accused of dragging her feet on the commissions? Of course we all had a good laugh and forgot all about it saying that Satellite, as usual, is always late!

So, Avamanagala, it does appear that the wheel has turned full circle. There would be those who would say that this is all 'karma' and that it is only retribution for what you did to the pavement hawkers. Whatever it is, we wish you well. My best advice to you is to now get together with that man from the South and try to get the blues ready for the next battle, instead of trying various ways and means of ousting him in order to place the Crown Prince at the top, just so that the dynasty continues. Think about it, will you, Avamanagala?
Yours truly,
Punchi Putha.

PS- One thing that is working in your favour these days is that they have now done away with the laws of criminal defamation. So, you can make all the allegations that you are making against everyone and still get away with it. And remember, it no longer matters who was at whose party and whether they used the front door or the back door- you would like that, wouldn't you?

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