A hero from the horror
More inspiring is the story of a Badulla doctor who rose way above the call of duty to rescue a baby and at least six others from the earth slip horror despite the heavy rain and risky conditions.

Dr. I.M.G Rajapakse had finished work at the Badulla General Hospital and was driving back to pick up his wife who is also a doctor when he heard of the tragedy. Putting aside personal matters he rushed back to the hospital picked up a few first aid items and went to the scene where he was able to pull an infant from the jaws of death.

He gave the child artificial respiration and used his vehicle as an ambulance to rush her to hospital."It was an act of conscience," a modest Dr. Rajapakse said.

Hell on the hil

Funeral procesion winds its way through a village in shock

By Palitha Ariyawansha
The earthslip which killed five people including two children in an estate line room, is rocking the Hali-ela area with public anger over politicians who produce a mouse after promising a mountain.

The tragedy on Thangamalai came in the aftermath of heavy thunder showers and left two line rooms fully buried. The victims were the Subramanium family-the mother her son, daughter- in law- niece and a nephew.Thousands of people from all races and religions attended an emotional funeral. Family members and residents said leaders of big plantation parties and others had for years promised to build safer houses in place of the shaky line rooms.

Politically more profitable areas had benefited but places like Hali-ela were left out in the cold and Subramaniam family had to pay a horrifying price.


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