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Hello out there

Dear Podikapu (Vesamuni)
We wish you a happy birthday. May your dreams come true and may all your tomorrows be happy. Many happy returns of the day!
Three sisters (you know who)

My darling sugar bun (Dilshan)
Hope you will pass your A/L exam with flying colours. I am not neglecting you. So please wait till I finish my studies.
You know who

To Jeewan
You played brilliantly in the ICC under 19 world cup tournament. As the deputy skipper you played a big role in making a mark for Sri Lankan . We were impressed and wish you all the best for the future.

Dear Shifana (yuntha muhee)
Even in heaven let's be together and carry on our friendship forever. I wish you a happy birthday.
Your ever loving, Sanjeetha

Ajantha Akki,
I wish you all the best for your A/L examination and hope you will get great results. Give my regards to all of our friends.
I miss you all.
Nadeesha Nangi

To little princess Tania
I wish you good luck for your A/Ls. I know you will get through the exam with flying colours. I love you so much. My heart is always with you and I miss you. Take care of yourself.
God bless you
from CAL Cricket fans.

To my dearest "Badee",
Best wishes for your A/L exam. May your dreams come true.
From your great heart,
Sumith from Galle

To the queen of my heart (V)
Your brown eyes took my breath away. Be mine. Let me love you.
Yours G of (R.C.)

My dear friend Mohan,
I'm so glad that you are my friend. May God grant you every success in the coming years.
Your friend Theep

I wish you a very happy and fantastic 21st birthday. May your dreams come true. I wish you a bright and successful future.
I was waiting for you but you didn't wait for me. It doesn't matter though because I love you just like in the past. Now I know the meaning of true love. Thank you for your love. Goodbye!
You know who am I

Dear Thiline Asa.
I haven't any words to say how much "I Love you". You have changed me. Every day I wake up with the hope of being with you. I'm always thinking of you. Please don't forget me. You are my soul. I wish you a romantic future with sweety.
Your Loving (Black)
Gayan Su

My sweet heart,
I'm made for you, without you and your love I have nothing.
Don't ever try to go away from me. Be mine forever.
God bless you.
Your Love.

My Love,
Every morning I start my day thinking of you. And every night I go to bed dreaming of you. I miss you so much. I love you for ever and ever.
Your Pringi

To my life.
You are my life. Because you gave me life.
I can't wait until the day we will be together. I'm sure It will come soon. God is with us. I love you.
P (Kukki)

To Int. Kanchana
Sorry I couldn't talk with you on Wednesday night because my grand ma was with me. And on Sunday, I wasn't able to even smile with you. I'm really sorry. I want to talk to you. So, I'm coming for computer classes now. If you can, please talk to me at the class. Even though I can't be your one, I still can be your friend.

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