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First day
I was nervous, I was trembling,
I was ushered into class, for the first time,
All heads turned up, as I entered
Giving me blank, bleak looks.
I stepped backward,
But a hand almost pushed me in.

"Good morning students"
"Ah! Good morning miss" was the reply,
One or two getting up, reluctantly.
Today, we go back to the history of our great kings"
I hear chuckles, sneezing, yawns.
"But, Louis XVI was a lousy king"
"Who cares" one exclaimed.
The watch was very slow in motion.
"Answer these five questions, now!"
Lethargic movements, pencils, pens dragging out,
Bell rang, period over, not a single question answered.
It was time for me to be "polite"
"Thank you students, for your co-operation"
One or two heads up and down again,
I felt like a bird,
Finally free to fly
- Anu K.

Simple tips to make life easy
Here are a few instructions to make life easier

  • Be charitable in your speech, action and judgment.
  • Remember that a kind word spoken goes a long way.
  • Remember that you can miss a lot of things in life by having the wrong attitude.
  • Be grateful that God doesn't answer all your prayers.
  • Work diligently, fight fairly, give generously and love deeply.
  • Remember that cruel words deeply hurt and loving words quickly heal.
  • Don't forget that a couple of words of praise or encouragement can make someone's day.
  • Earn your success based on service to others not at the expense of others.
  • Remember that life's most treasured moments come unannounced.
  • Remember that a grateful heart is almost always a happy one.
  • Ask yourself if what you are doing today is going to get you close to where you want to be tomorrow.

    These instructions will help make life easier for you as well as for others.
    - Shazna Asnavi.

Pride loses hearts
Why are sports stars so proud ? They think

that fans are their slaves. I met a sports star who thinks that he is the king of sports. When he feels like it, he speaks to his fans. But when his head is filled with pride he tries to escape from them. Don't be so proud and unkind to your fans. They just want to befriend you.

It's true that you met your fans after you became famous. But among them there are some who will lend you a hand even if you lose your popularity. At this time if you are proud and cruel to your fans some of them will leave you. Some of them will be with you because you are famous. But after your popularity goes away you will not even get a smile from them.
- L.P. Kodituwakku

Brothers to the fore
This is in reply to the brothers who wrote "Nightmare Batch Party" .
Dear brothers, you've done a great service for the girls in our society.

Especially the teenage girls. You also sent the boys a message. We are 16-year- old girls and we appreciate your note. When we read your views, we were concerned about the girls in our society.

We are sitting for our O/L examination this year. So we have to go for many tuition classes. And we meet many types of girls. They wear various types of clothes. Some girls don't think of the disadvantages of such clothes. As girls, we too like to dress nicely but decently. Because we will become mothers one day and we have to protect our great Sinhalese culture. We have to listen to our elders.

Brothers, you have shown a true brotherhood to all your sisters.
- Iranga, Buddhika and Sanjeewani


An old age prayer
Years have flown and we've grown old.
Need we a hand; strong to hold
Lone steps we pace through this vale of tears
Lord banish from our midst all oncoming fears.
A smile, a nod, a little word, cost not much;
Make those around think it such.
When wrinkled feeble - old age takes place,
Many the hardships we've got to face.
Useless, unwanted we're pushed aside;
Lord come and with us do abide;
The help we need, we need it now
Not when called to heaven above.
Busy the children of the world today
To aid old folks they have no way.
These lingering years best way to spend
Lord strength and courage to us send.
With the Holy Spirit us do fill
Always to do His holy will
When at last the end draws nigh
Thanks and praises sing
To Jesus our Lord and King
- Norma Perera

Memories that linger
As the dew of time hugged the petals of rosy life, I had to say goodbye to many gorgeous days filled with joy. The buddies were with me during good times and bad.

We jumped, ran, danced and delighted in every moment. Unforgettable meetings filled with love added brilliance to my career. I was a baby fed by the sweet breeze in Uva. Never will they leave my heart, I will love and cherish them.

I still love you mother Uva. The fragrance of your tenderness still lingers on.
- Vindhya


Matter of choice
Isn't it true that life is a matter of making the right
decision at the right time? In my very short life of nearly two decades I have realised how important it is to make correct decisions in life.That is what life is all about. And it is our life that is affected by the choices we make.

Most of the time we have many choices in life and we just have to be smart enough to make the correct decision. Choices range from simple ones like choosing between a fruit cocktail or an ice cream to choosing the right person as your future partner.

One sure thing about making choices is that you can't have it all. Often when we have to make an important decision we go to others for advice.

It's well and good if we take another person's advice and things work out just the way we want. But what if it doesn't work out? There are times when we listen to others and do as they say, never stopping to listen to our conscience. Then when things go wrong, we regret taking someone else's advice.

It is good to listen to the opinion of others. But it is not wise to do what the others want us to do, whoever the advisor is. When it comes to making a decision the ultimate choice should be yours. Good if everything works out fine, you'll be happy with the wise choice that you've made. If something goes wrong you will not hate somebody else for advising you to do that. You will then accept the fact that it was your mistake and learn from it.

Sometimes we think "what if I did that instead of this" but life is such, that we just can't have it all. That is why we have to make intelligent choices and be sure that we are content with them.

The next time you have to make an important decision make sure you listen to that litte voice inside you.

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