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Dear Coz

Build a strong relationship
Dear Coz,
I'm a 24-year-old girl who's never had a love affair. A few months ago a boy who's working with me said he loved me. He wanted to come home and ask for my parents' permission. I'm scared to agree to his proposal because of a previous affair he had with another girl in office.

He told me they broke up due to horoscope differences. She too is planning to get married and he seems to be sad about it, which shows he's still thinking about her. What if he starts to think of her again once we are married . I don't think I could bear that. Please help.

Dear Syththi,
It's not just him, any man or for that matter, woman, can betray the person they've married. It all depends on the individual and the strength of their marriage. If not him your parents would wish you to marry someone soon.

You can't hide yourself inside a shell forever because you fear such a heart break. Life is a gamble with no guarantees.

If you have a strong relationship he's definitely not going to go back to her. Take things slow and give him a chance. You'll never know until you do.

Height isn't a barrier

Dear In Love,
There are no magic potions to make a person short or tall. I understand how you feel but if she's not bothered, why worry? If the two of you love each other why let a simple thing like height become a barrier. In a relationship there are more important things to consider like trust, understanding and faithfulness. If you feel strongly about this you could wear shoes with a large heel and maybe she might consider wearing flats. Before turning this into an issue wait till you meet her in person before you decide if she is the one for you.

Helping hand

Dear Coz,
There is a girl who's my best friend. She loves a boy but she never tells him about her love. I know the boy loves her too but even he's not making a move. Can you please give them some advice?

Dear Bishra,
Much as you care for your friend it's better to leave them to solve this on their own. But if you feel you must give them a helping hand, you could ask this guy if he needs any help approaching your friend if he truly loves her. He maybe shy or afraid of rejection so tell your friend to give him a little encouragement and do her part. Because as a girl your friend may not want to make the first move. If after all that he's not bold enough to take the initiative she'll be better off without someone like him. Good luck!

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