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New 'Destination' for Ronan
Ronan Keating is to release a new album this month. But Ronan is worried it could fail as he has left Boyzone. His new album 'Destination', is a follow up to his debut solo album 'Ronan'.

As he prepares to release 'If Tomorrow Never Comes', the debut single from the new album, Ronan is keen to see the new album match the success of his previous one.
It was on the success of Boyzone that Ronan Keating launched his solo career. Unlike other members of the group who failed as solo stars Ronan succeeded because most of the songs on the album were rated better than any of the Boyzone songs.

The blending of two songs together has generated the new No:1 song in the UK this week. 'Freak Like Me' is a combination of 'Are Friends Electric' by Gary Numan/Tubeway Army and 'Freak Like Me' by Adina Howard. The two songs were put together as a track towards the latter part of last year. A bootleg of the track called 'We Don't Give A Damn About Friends' credited to Girls On Top began to circulate on the net and club DJ's. It was basically the synthesiser line of Gary Numan's track with Adina Howard's vocals from her song.

The creator Richard X failed in his attempts to release it on a major label commercially. This was mainly due to people connected to Howard refusing to permit the use of her vocals.

Around this time the all girl group the Sugababes were also having problems. They had switched over to Island Records, who offered the girls the song so that it could be recorded afresh.

With the hurdles cleared the Sugababes were relaunched with 'Freak Like Me'. Within a week the song had sold enough copies to beat off a challenge from 'One Step Closer' by S Club Junior and oust 'The Hindu Times' by Oasis from the No:1 position on the singles chart.

The Sugababes are a trio who debuted on the scene in September 2000 with 'Overload'. As the track peaked at No:6 much was expected from the group since they performed good dancefloor soul music. But it was not to be as the follow up releases 'New Year' at the end of 2000 'Soul Sound' and 'Run For Cover' failed to dent the chart.

Siobahn Donaghy quit the group on tour last year. In her place came Heidi Range. The rest is now history for the Sugababes. Adina Howard's version of 'Freak Like Me' was a flop in the UK when it was released in 1985.

On the other hand Gary Numan's 'Are Friends Electric' has been a very successful song. It reached the No:1 spot in 1979 and subsequently appeared on the 'Live EP' No:27 in 1985 and as a double A side track with 'Cars' - a remix in 1987 making it to No:16 with the re-issue in 1996 peaking at No:17.

S Club Juniors entered the chart at No:2 with 'One Step Closer'. The outfit is the junior wing of S Club 7. The juniors are aged 11-14. They were selected following extensive auditions from schools. Though another manufactured group S Club Juniors launched themselves with a disco inspired pop track.

The old nursery rhyme 'The Wheels On The Bus' hit the chart at No:17 this week. The performing credit is given to MadDonna (no connection we understand to Mrs. Ritchie). This nursery rhyme is on one of the three CDs produced by the US educational firm - Mother Goose Rocks. Since the animation to the song became a hit on the web last year a record label All Around The World licensed and released it commercially with the same animation. 'The Wheels On The Bus' is sung by a Madonna soundalike to the tune of 'Ray of Light'.

There are many more nursery rhymes and songs made to the tune of contemporary songs. Another is 'Three Blind Mice' to the style of Shania Twain's 'That Don't Impress Me Much'.

Tragedy struck the pop scene again on Friday April 26 , when Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes of the successful R&B trio TLC, was killed in a car accident in Honduras.

According to a post-mortem Lisa suffered a fractured skull and serious chest injuries in the crash. Nine people were in the vehicle. Lopes was the only person who died. The others were seriously injured.

Lopes was returning from a health centre for treatment of those with chronic illnesses at the time. The 30-year-old Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes had just signed on a solo record deal with Death Row Records. She had also recorded several songs.

Meanwhile Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas, a surviving member of TLC said the group will continue without Lopes as she can never be replaced.

Kylie Minogue who was very lucky to get a full page coverage in a recent issue of Time was pictured last weekend performing with a throat band. It followed a throat infection the singer suffered which nearly threatened her current UK tour.

As Kylie flew in a voice specialist from the US after a viral infection affected her voice, she was advised to rest her vocal chords. Kylie opened her UK tour at the International Arena, Cardiff on Friday 26 April 26.

Reports by Monday added the Australian singer was nearly 100% recovered.

UK top 20

1 - Freak Like Me - Sugababes
2 - One Step Closer - S Club Juniors
3 2 Girlfriend - NSYNC
4 1 The Hindu Times - Oasis
5 7 How You Remind Me - Nickelback
6 6 Whenever Wherever - Shakira
7 5 Lazy - X - Press 2
8 4 Unchained Melody - Gareth Gates
9 - You Held The World In Your Arms - Idlewild
10 8 4 My People - Missy Elliott
11 9 I'm Not a Girl Not Yet A Woman - Britney Spears
12 12 Insatiable - Darren Hayes
13 - Hungry - Kosheen
14 - Come With US - The Chemical Brothers
15 11 My Culture-1 Giant Leap Feat: Maxi Jazz & Robbie Williams
16 10 Me Julie - Shaggy And Alig
17 - The Wheels On The Bus - Mad Donna
18 16 Aint It Funny - Jennifer Lopez
19 14 Something - Lasgo
20 19 Anything Is Possible/Evergreen - Will Young

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