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A "spam" e-mail is generally defined as an unsolicited mailing, usually to many people. A message written for, and mailed to, one individual that is known to the sender is not spam, and a reply to an e-mail is not spam, unless the "reply" repeats endlessly.

Spam e-mailers have become a separate part of the Internet, with their own host computers, methods and politics. Many Internet sites have begun to forbid spamming, for several reasons - one is a sense that it is unethical, another is that, over time, other Internet sites will stop all e-mail from that site and thus prevent legitimate e-mail from getting through.

As a result, spammers have begun to set up their own Internet sites that cater to, or encourage, spamming. Don't respond to a spam e-mail. For a spammer, one "hit" among thousands of mailings is enough to justify the practice. Instead, if you want a product that is advertised in a spam e-mail, go to a Web site that also carries the product, inquire there, and tell them you do not approve of spam methods and will not patronize a company that uses spammers. Never respond to the spam e-mail's instructions to reply with the word "remove."

This is just a trick to get you to react to the e-mail because it alerts the sender that a human is at his/her address, which greatly increases its value. If you reply, your address is placed on more lists and you receive more spam. Never sign up with sites that promise to remove your name from spam lists. Never mail-bomb spam sites or engage in hacking to stop spammers.

This only increases the amount of wasted Internet traffic, creates sympathy for spammers, and makes the Internet even less reliable than it already is.

Free shopping carts
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Sinhala mail
There's a cool site on which you can send Sinhala mail. Check it out at - www.lanka.info

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