Many Happy Returns in your new alliance
My Dear Crown Prince,
I thought of writing to you when I heard that you were in the forefront of agitating against the peace talks and attending a meeting organised by Vimal sahodaraya and his red brigade.

Of course it was not long ago that you were with the greens and giving them a piece of your mind and calling them murderers. You may have even forgotten about that now but we haven't, Crown Prince.

It is also a popular saying that in politics you have no permanent friends or enemies, only permanent interests and we are certain that you more than anyone else must be knowing the virtues of this. After all, the Southerner was your good friend when you were battling Akka but now that you and akka have got together, he seems to be the odd one out!

But then, that is hardly surprising for you when you at one time got together with Maithree and fought the Queen Bee and it all ended up in courts, where there was a big battle for the Darley Road headquarters of the blues. We can remember when you were first appointed as the Leader of the Opposition, Junius wished you "Many Happy Returns" in your new job. Well, Junius was seldom wrong and you have been languishing in the losing team ever since, except for a few months with Dearly Beloved. But what is so sad about you now is that you have been unable to hold on to even that job with the Southerner taking over the reins and looking like he would make a worthwhile attempt of it.

Everyone knows that Akka is trying to help you out by planning to get rid of the Southerner and paving the way for you if and when she retires, but if that is the game plan I think it is a bad strategy not only for the Blues but for the country as a whole.
But your anxiety really begins to show, Crown Prince, when you start appearing on the same stage with the Reds. Of course, you may say that the chaps have now reformed and worth a try but then, we could say the same about the Tigers, can't we? And, the Reds in their heyday crippled the country much more than the Tigers ever did and anyway, Wimal is yet to shave off his beard and appear in a safari suit for a press briefing!

So, Crown Prince, you must be able to bear with us when you remain a bit cynical about your political antics. I'm sure the greens must be delighted with your latest political alliance. That remains to be the only sign that the reds are also doomed in the near future-unless they get rid of you fast!
Yours truly,
Punchi Putha.

PS- There is a general tendency for reds and blues to get marooned when they get together, but that wouldn't matter to you, would it, because from where you are now, it can only get better, right?

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