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9th September 2001
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The Bard unplugged 

Feroze, Ifaz and Anuruddha preview "The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shakespeare

Usually plays are previewed by theatre critics and such important personalities who are invited to a rehearsal and inform readers of the merits of the play. Stagefright&Panic, in keeping with their policy of turning the theatre world on its head have decided to do the preview themselves. The reasoning behind this is simple:

1. The actors know the play and the production better than anyone else.

2. The actors will never write anything detrimental to the production. 

Therefore the production benefits more from a preview written by the actors

3. Stagefright&Panic do not know any theatre critics or important personalities

4. This is the first preview that is openly acknowledged as having been written by the actors themselves

Firstly, a simple insight to the plot. The play is an attempt by three actors to perform the complete works of William Shakespeare in 'one evening of theatrical harmony'. Consider that Shakespeare wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets (or was it 36 plays? Who cares these guys do everything the Bard wrote) and you would appreciate that performing the complete works of the Bard takes some doing! 

Starting with the best love story of all time, Romeo & Juliet (in which Ifaz and Feroze play ALL of the major character roles) and ending with Hamlet, the Compleat Wrks is a fine tribute to the greatest of all English playwrights.

Rehearsals for this show, reveal three brilliant actors immersed in their work. The discipline displayed at rehearsals has been amazing. They started the rehearsal on time and proceeded to unveil a magnificent display of character acting. 

Complementing each other, Ifaz, Anu and Feroze made Shakespeare look simple while bringing out everything that makes Shakespeare the great playwright that he was! Superlative acting, brilliant interpretation, wonderful costumes, daring action sequences, skilful modern touches, super choreography, enchanting music, dazzling lights and the kind of magic that only the works of Shakespeare and the talents of Stagefright&Panic can create!. 

This is a play not to be missed, this is a play that will thrill you, enchant you, humour you, dazzle you and leave you with the kind of memory that only something very special can give you! 

Imagine, the haunting magic of Romeo & Juliet, the action of Macbeth, the political intrigue of Julius Caesar, the geopolitical power struggle of Antony & Cleopatra, the lofty poetical enchantment of Hamlet, in ONE SINGLE EVENING! That is what the Compleat Wrks is all about.

The Compleat Wrks is funny, very funny, actually very very very funny! This is what makes it so special. This is not just a run-of- mill comedy, this is comedy of the best kind, this is comedy acted by comedy virtuosos. In fact these three actors have been asked to perform this play in exotic locations as London, Paris, New York and Bosnia!.

The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr is as the Los Angeles Herald described it "Shakespeare as written by Readers Digest, performed by Monty Python and performed at the speed of the minute waltz. So forsooth! Get thee to the delightfully fractured complete works!".

Audiences are advised to purchase tickets early to avoid disappointment and the authorities have been alerted on possible protests by members of the public who are not able to obtain tickets for this spectacular theatre event!

The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr is powered by Dialog GSM. The electronic media sponsor is Yes FM. The wonderful costumes were conceptualized and designed by Sonali White of the Haddai label. 

Tareeq Musafer has put together the enchanting sound track. The play is produced by StageLight&Magic Inc. The official newspaper is The Sunday Times. 

Stagefright&Panic would like to make a special note of gratitude to the above mentioned organizations and individuals for their magnificent support of English theatre.

The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr goes on the boards at the Lionel Wendt from September 13th to 16th.

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