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1st October  2000

Too few in the fray

Dazzling gazelle

Vol. 35 - No. 17

The Sunday Times Team

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Front Page
Mirror Magazine
  • The Editorial - Susie's Feat
  • The Political Column - Dubious role of police in the   run-up to polls
  • Situation Report - As troops recapture areas LTTE resumes 'Op. Ceaseless   Waves'
  • The Fifth Column - Your win is worth more than gold
  • The Jungle Telegraph - *Snooping in earnest *LTTE  plans *Withdrawal with profit *Red alert
  • Outside Politics - *Polls on wheels *Points to ponder *Colours of Bangkok *Tiger target *World Bank aid! *Tiger target 
  • The Special Report - NE: Tamil votes in tatters 
  • Rajpal Abeynayake's Column - Sports theatre and politics, a   postcript
  • The Guest Column - Scapegoat for political survival
  • Inside the glass house - Justifying embargos in the 21st   century

  • Business

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