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23rd January 2000

By Alia

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Shocking discovery

The haul of three suicide jackets, explosives, detonators, timing devices and other items at an LTTE hideout in Varikuttiyur near Vavuniya on January 15 has led to a shocking discovery.

The jackets were meant to be used by suicide cadres to assassinate three top Army officers all holding the ranks of Major General. Those concerned have been warned to take precautions.

These jackets were to be brought down to Colombo this week but the Army raid pre-empted the move. The last two months have seen three suicide bomber explosions. And last week's find confirms that at least three more were to be used an indication that the Tigers were stepping up suicide attacks.

Army sources say the hideout had been run by the LTTE's top intelligence man for Vavuniya, Elankathir. Those manning the place had made a hasty retreat after seeing the advance of the Army team made up of intelligence and Special Forces personnel.

With the raid over, some had chosen to leave the area by vehicle whilst others chose to walk. The vehicle was hit by a landmine.

One officer, eight soldiers and a civilian, (believed to be an informant) were killed. Seven others in the vehicle were injured.

Yala under threat?

The Army and Police have strengthened security in and around the Yala National Park after reports that the Tigers planned attacks there.

Reports of such intended attacks emerged after the security forces intercepted radio communications between two LTTE bases in the East. It turned out to be orders to a group leader to move in with his men to Yala.

Selling season

Even if Colombo's hotels have had some reservations cancelled by overseas visitors due to recent suicide bomb explosions, there are some who still want to come.

They are the representatives of arms manufacturers and those wanting to sell aircraft, ships and what have you.

The selling season for them appears to have arrived-the first in a process that makes millionaires out of many Lankans.

Don't salute

Sentries positioned at check points and other strategic locations in an operational area have been ordered not to salute their superiors when they drove past.

This was after reports that suicide cadres who may be lurking around would identify their targets.

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