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Magistrate turns down request to prevent IUSF protest

The Colombo Fort Magistrate yesterday turned down a request made by the police  to issue an order to prevent a protest march in Colombo, ...

27 November 2015 - Views : 2

Bird hits engine of Sri Lankan flight to Tiruchi, grounded for several hours

27 November 2015

Slain LTTE Chief's Birthday marked in Tamil Nadu

27 November 2015

Indian High Court directs police to allow meetings of pro-Tamil outfits

26 November 2015

Features & Analysis

Interview with Mark Ronson on DJing, the Electric Peacock Festival and more

Headlining this year’s Electric Peacock Festival DJ/Producer/Musician Mark Ronson(MR) answered a few questions ...

Jith Peiris’ ‘Stars on Parade at Christmas’ at the Lionel Wendt

Give a festive start to the Christmas season with Jith Peiris’ ‘Stars on Parade at Christmas’, whic...

Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind to host a sing-a-long with Sohan and the Experiments

The Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind (CSDB) will have a sing-a-long with Sohan and the Experiments in collaborati...

Exhibition : ‘Borrowed Words: spoken then & now'

 Sri Lanka shares an element of its linguistic heritage with the countries that colonised it from the 16th centu...