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Saved Rajapaksa from international war crimes court: President

President Maithripala Sirisena on Saturday claimed that his victory in the elections saved his predecessor Mahinda Rajapaksa from being hauled befo...

14 February 2016 - Views : 16

Lanka to work with Red Cross on the issue of missing persons

14 February 2016

President to visit Germany to further strengthen economic & trade cooperation

13 February 2016

New city planning & water supply secretary appointed

13 February 2016



Features & Analysis

Ceremony to unveil portrait of former President D.B. Wijetunga

A ceremony to unveil the portrait of the late D.B. Wijetunga, the former President was held yesterday (Feb 11) a...

'Painting on Painting' - merging ideas of two artists

Dileepa G.W. and Mahesh Indika in their exhibition at the Lionel Wendt next weekend are pushing their creative bounda...

Tanya Ekanayaka's debut album “Reinventions: Rhapsodies for Piano” draws great reviews

Tanya Ekanayaka, Sri Lanka’s linguist-musicologist-pianist-composer based in Edinburgh is getting great reviews...

Twitter lets hot tweets rise to top of timelines

SAN FRANCISCO, (AFP) - Twitter revamped its timeline Wednesday, allowing the “best” tweets to rise...