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President Sirisena urges global consultation in Sri Lanka on health of migrants

  President Maithripala Sirisena has invited the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to host a global consultation in Sri Lank...

29 November 2015 - Views : 40

Five men found with grenades in Moratuwa 

28 November 2015

Lanka urges Saudi not to stone to death maid for adultery

27 November 2015

Human Rights Commission of Sri Lankan calls for the immediate release of detainees and remandees

27 November 2015

Features & Analysis

Interview with Mark Ronson on DJing, the Electric Peacock Festival and more

Headlining this year’s Electric Peacock Festival DJ/Producer/Musician Mark Ronson(MR) answered a few questions ...

Jith Peiris’ ‘Stars on Parade at Christmas’ at the Lionel Wendt

Give a festive start to the Christmas season with Jith Peiris’ ‘Stars on Parade at Christmas’, whic...

Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind to host a sing-a-long with Sohan and the Experiments

The Ceylon School for the Deaf and Blind (CSDB) will have a sing-a-long with Sohan and the Experiments in collaborati...

Exhibition : ‘Borrowed Words: spoken then & now'

 Sri Lanka shares an element of its linguistic heritage with the countries that colonised it from the 16th centu...