No COVID cases in Dalada Maligawa


No official at the Sri Dalada Maligawa has contracted COVID-19, the Media Unit of the Sri Dalada Maligawa said in a statement.

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Mother of two found dead in Kilinochchi


A 35 year old  mother of two children found dead inside her residence in Pooneryn, Kilinochchi yesterday, the police said.

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State Minister Piyal Nishantha tests positive for COVID-19


State Minister Piyal Nishantha announced that he has contracted COVID-19 and that he will be following instructions given by health authorities in the next few weeks.

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SLAF receives Air defence equipment from India


Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) received Air Defence equipment and INDRA Mk-II Radar Spares from India under the patronage of Indian High Commissioner in Sri Lanka Gopal Baglay, during a ceremony held at the SLAF Base Katunayake on Saturday.

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UNHRC must step up efforts to advance accountability for serious violations in Sri Lanka: Amnesty Intn'l


Amnesty International urged the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council (HRC), when it meets for its 46th session (22 February – 19 March 2021), to establish an international accountability mechanism to continue to monitor and report on the human rights situation in Sri Lanka, and to collect,preserve and assess evidence of gross human rights violations.

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In Pictures: Sunday Dhamma Schools reopen


Sunday Dhamma Schools recommenced in areas outside the Western Province and isolated areas this Sunday (16).

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Parliament to sit for only two days this week


The Committee on Parliamentary Business has decided to convene Parliament tomorrow (19) and on Wednesday (20) only.

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Plantation companies submit formula for wages of workers


As the negotiations between plantation trade unions and Regional Plantations Companies (RPCs) are in a deadlock over the workers’ long-tanding demand of Rs 1000 as basic wage, the companies have come up with a fresh proposal suggesting it would exceed worker’s earning over thousand rupees while keeping the basic wage at Rs 700.

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Ranil unhappy about Sri Lanka's preparations for COVID-19 vaccine


United National Party Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe expressed concerns over the government’s programme to get down vaccines for the prevention of the spread of COVID-19, claiming that a proper action plan has not been put in place while other countries have already started vaccinating persons.

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Nine Parliamentary staffers test positive for COVID-19


Five parliamentary office staffers, one officer attached to the security division and three deployed in the security zone outside the Parliament complex have contracted COVID-19, Sergeant-at-Arms of the Parliament Narendra Fernando said.

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Navy rescues dinghy stranded at sea


A dinghy with two fishermen that swept away to the Indian waters has been rescued by the Navy with the assistance of Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre (MRCC), Colombo and Chennai.

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Sunday, January 17, 2021


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