Trade adjustment policy for the first time in SL - PM  


The government is implementing a trade adjustment policy for the first time in Sri Lanka with the launch of the National Export Strategy (NES).

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No A/L tuition classes after July 31


Conducting coaching classes or tuition targetting upcoming 2018 GCE Advanced Level Examination will be prohibited after July 31, the Department of Examinations said.

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India assists Sri Lanka in sanitation sector project


India and Sri Lanka signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) today on a sanitation sector project under which 3400 toilets would be constructed in Batticaloa District of Sri Lanka, a statement from Indian High Commission said.

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9-hour water cut in Colombo


Water supply to several areas in Colombo will be interrupted for nine hours from 9.

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Lankan taxes on gems and jewellery killing industry


The Ministry of Finance is ‘killing the goose that laid the golden egg’ by taxing the gem and jewellery industry, an action which would destroy the export of gems and jewellery from Sri Lanka amidst fears that the underground market will prevail to avoid taxes.

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Parliament debates NYT allegations: Mahinda absent


The parliamentary debate into allegations made in the New York Times investigation, which contained allegations of corruption against former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, commenced this morning.

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Trains on upcountry line delayed due to derailment


All trains on the upcountry line were delayed this morning after a train delayed near the Peradeniya Railway Station.

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Facebook announces new policy to remove misinformation that could lead to violence


Facebook on Wednesday announced a new policy for removing misinformation, including altered imagery, from the platform that is intended to cause or exacerbate violence.

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Paisley to address Commons over paid Sri Lanka holidays


Democratic Unionist MP Ian Paisley is due to address the House of Commons today in relation to his failure to register two family holidays, paid for by the Sri Lankan government.

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Ward Place closed for traffic due to protest


Ward Place has been closed for traffic due to a protest march by students of the South Eastern University.

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EU warns Sri Lanka losing GSP Plus status over reintroducing death penalty


(AFP)- EU ambassadors warned Sri Lanka on Monday against ending its 42-year moratorium on capital punishment and said the island risked losing trade concessions if it went ahead.

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