Women's support helpline to report harassment and abuse gets Cabinet nod


A women's support helpline to report all forms of discrimination against women, including harassment, abuse and instances of violation of the law and complaints, has been approved by the Cabinet.

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Cabinet approves amending tea promotion levy on exports


Cabinet approval has been granted to amend the Tea promotion levy as set out by the Sri Lanka Tea Board Law to Rs 3 from Rs 3.

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More than a 1000 families affected by weather conditions


More than a 1000 families have been affected by the current adverse weather conditions in the country, the Disaster Management Centre (DMC) reported.

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Seven injured as lorry crashes onto seven three-wheelers


Seven persons have been injured after a lorry crashed into seven three wheelers in the Gas Paha area in Colombo today (Jul 20).

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Rs 265 million disbursed as compensation for Easter Sunday attack victims


The Office for Reparations has announced that it has disbursed funds worth Rs 265 million as compensation to the victims of the terrorist attacks on April 21.

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Postal unions to go on sick leave from midnight tomorrow


Postal unions have announced that they would go on sick leave from midnight tomorrow (Jul 21) until Monday citing several unresolved issues.

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Another suspect surrenders over VIP convoy assault incident


Another individual has surrendered to the police today (Jul 20) over the assault of a van driver by some members of a VIP convoy in Kalagedihena this week.

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52 families along Chilaw coastal line evacuated due to rough seas


A total of 52 families along the Chilaw coastal line in Kurusupaduwa have been temporarily evacuated due to rough seas in the area, the Disaster Management Centre said.

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Two including teenager killed in train collision


Two persons including a teenager have died after being knocked down by a train in Kilinochchi last night.

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Eight night mail trains cancelled due to maintenance work


Eight night mail trains which were scheduled to operate today (Jul 20) have been cancelled due to maintenance work on the Northern railway line.

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Two nabbed with weapons, ammo in Hikkaduwa


Two persons have been arrested with two weapons and live ammunition at a residence in Hikkaduwa yesterday (Jul 19).

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Two persons involved in VIP convoy assault surrender before police


Two persons of a VIP convoy who were involved in the assault of a van driver recently have been arrested after they surrendered before the police last night.

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