More relaxed e-visas for Sri Lankans visiting Malaysia from November


     An agreement has been reached to implement e-visas for Sri Lankan tourists visiting Malaysia and this is expected to be finalised in November, said Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

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JVP MPs suggests that a FCID ward be set up at National hospital for "sick"politicians


A JVP lawmaker today suggested that the government set up a special ward at the National Hospital and name it the FCID (Financial Crimes Investigations Division) ward to accommodate opposition politicians who suddenly fall ill when they are taken into custody.

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Malaysia agrees to increase employment opportunities for Lankan professionals in Malaysia


The Government of Malaysia has agreed to provide increased employment opportunities for Sri Lankan professionals and skilled workers in Malaysia.

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Social Welfare Register to reduce ghost beneficiaries


An Integrated Social Welfare Register, based on beneficiaries NIC Nos has been prepared incorporating  details of all social welfare handouts distributed from Ministries, Provincial Councils and Local Authorities by the Ministry of National Policies and Economic Affairs.

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Jaffna District MP wants Elara tomb located and preserved


Jaffna District MP Douglas Devananda today made a request in Parliament from the government to preserve the tomb of King Elara.

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Meeting held on Constitutional reform with international experts


Expert meeting with the Sub-Committees on Fundamental Rights and the Judiciary of the Constitutional Assembly was held on Wednesday and Thursday at the Committee Room of the Parliamentary Complex with the participation of International Experts.

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Protesters demand return of occupied private lands


Several civil society organizations and youth activists protested in front of the Omanthai military check point along the A9 road in Vavuniya today demanding that the Government take immediate steps to return private lands still being occupied by the military.

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Teachers protest in Colombo


The Ceylon Teachers' Union (CTU) held a protest in Colombo today calling on the Government to safeguard the rights of principals.

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Malaysia to study Lanka's request for deportation of prisoners


The Malaysia government will look into Sri Lanka's request to have all Sri Lankan prisoners in Malaysia be deported to their country of origin.

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