CSTUC meets with PM ; raises issues over country's security


The Civil Society and Trade Union Collective (CSTUC) which met with the Prime Minister today (May 25) raised issues over the country's security in the aftermath of the Easter Sunday attacks.

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Rishad appears before FCID


Minister Rishad Bathiudeen appeared before the Financial Crimes Investigation Division (FCID) to record a statement over an alleged financial misappropriation case today (May 25).

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Police refute reports on acting against those who objected to VIP road clearance


The Police Department has refuted social media reports of action being taken against drivers who relentlessly hooted horns while traffic was blocked to allow a VIP vehicle to pass through recently.

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President's security review meeting: Kabir urges social media to be monitored


The usage of social media must be monitored closely in the light of the the recent incidents which affected the country's national security, Minister Kabir Hashim proposed today (May 25).

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Bodies of two women found inside a well


The bodies of two women were discovered inside a well in Mahawilachchiya this morning, police said.

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Navy intercept Australia bound illegal migrant group


A group of 41 individuals attempting to illegally migrate to Australia have been intercepted by the Sri Lanka Navy this morning.

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Doctor arrested in Kurunegala


A doctor whom Police believe had acquired assets in a suspicious manner was arrested in Kurunegala yesterday (May 24).

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Weapons, ammo recovered from a car in Piliyandala


A foreign manufactured weapon, and a hand grenade were recovered from a car in Piliyandala yesterday (May 26).

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Suspect nabbed with heroin worth Rs 20 million


An individual has been arrested with heroin worth more than Rs 20 million in the vicinity of the Orugodawatte flyover bridge yesterday (May 24).

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Azath Salley requests Security Council to halt continuous searches at mosques


Western Province Governor Azath Salley yesterday (May 24) requested the National Security Council to immediately stop the continuous search operations at mosques.

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One arrested over discovery of hand grenades at a school in Badureliya


An individual has been arrested after some hand grenades were found at a school in Badureliya, police said.

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Emergency passed in Parliament


Parliament approved the extension of the State of Emergency by another month by 22 votes to 8 this evening.

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