Concessions for artistes under new Tax Act


Under the new tax scheme the net income of artistes earned by productions or creative work will be free of taxes up to Rs.

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‘JO’ now turns guns on Attorney General


The ‘Joint Opposition’ has been the beneficiary of the coalition’s non-performance or shortcomings rather than proactive political action on its own part.

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Hirunika came with baby to cast vote


Scurrying to raise a two thirds vote in Parliament for the passage of the Provincial Councils Elections (Amendment) Bill brought out some interesting episodes.

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Sri lanka in talks with Chinese firms for $4 billion refinery


Sri Lanka is in talks with two Chinese companies about investing up to US$3 billion (S$4 billion) to build a new refinery at its Chinese-controlled port, a top government official has said.

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Sri Lanka’s first Social Innovation Lab to be established


The Ministry of Science, Technology and Research together with the United Nations Development Programme have come together to establish Sri Lanka’s first Social Innovation Lab, a statement from UN office in Colombo said.

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Rauff Hakeem’s mother Hajara Rauff passes away


Leader of Sri Lanka Muslim congress (SLMC)  and Minister Rauff Hakeem's mother Rauff Hajara passed away this morning in Colombo, family said.

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US Under Secretary commends Lanka's rebuilding journey


US Under Secretary for Political Affairs, Thomas A.

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New resolution/enforcement Dept. at Central Bank


    A new department to handle Resolution and Enforcement is to be set up by the Central Bank (CB) early next year, CB sources told the media on Friday morning.

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Firearms stolen from Wasgamuwa National Park's armory


Police have launched an investigation after a complaint that several weapons including a T56 firearm have been stolen from the armory of the Department of Wildlife Conservation (DWC) office at Wasgamuwa National Park.

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