In Pictures: More passengers at Beliatta Railway Station


With curfew in all districts, including Colombo and Gampaha being relaxed from today (26), there were more passengers this morning at the Beliatta railway station intending to travel to Colombo for work.

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In Pictures: Colombo opens to the 'new normal'


With the relaxing of curfew after more than two months, Colombo City, the country's commercial capital, which holds over 5 million population, is gradually returning to normal.

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In Pictures: Nearly 1500 more persons stranded in Colombo sent to their homes


Nearly 1500 stranded people from Colombo South Division police area were sent to their homes in 41 SLTB buses last Friday (23).

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Local cement manufacturers create value-added benefits to boost the national economy


The current measures taken by the country to control the COVID-19 pandemic are vital to sustain the nation’s economy.

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SLT clarifies situation regarding recent cyber attack


SLT said on Monday that it has detected an attempt of a cyber-attack, which has affected only a section of its internal IT systems.

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CSE to resume normal trading


The Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) will resume normal trading from Tuesday May 26 onwards after the curfew in Colombo was lifted after a near 2-month shutdown.

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Sri Lanka records 10th COVID-19 death


The 10th COVID-19 death was reported this evening after a 51-year-old woman died from the disease.

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Fisherman missing, two others rescued after vessel capsizes in rough seas


A fisherman is missing and two others have been admitted to hospital in serious condition after a fishing boat capsized off Hambantota Fisheries Harbour this morning (25).

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Maximum of 100 guests at a wedding reception - Health Ministry


The Health Ministry says that the number of guests at a wedding reception cannot exceed 100.

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Curfew in all districts to be relaxed from tomorrow


Curfew in all districts in the country will only be in effect from 10.

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Mullaitivu student who came third in district at A/L exam drowns


A bright young student who came third in the Mullaitivu district from the Commerce Stream at the 2019 GCE Advanced Level examination drowned on Saturday (23) at the Maradamadu Tank in Puthukkudiyiruppu, police said.

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Special flight brings back 181 Sri Lankans stranded in Russia


A special SriLankan Airlines flight carrying 181 Sri Lankans who had been stranded in Russia due to the COVID-19 outbreak landed at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) this morning (25).

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