Japanese experst hand over report on Meethotamulla to President Sirisena


The team of Japanese Experts who investigated the Meethotamulla dumpsite has presented their report to President Maithripala Sirisena today  (April 24) at the President’s Official Residence in Colombo.

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Petroleum Minister calls for meeting with Unions to end strike


Minister of Petroleum Resources Chandima Weerakkody has summoned a meeting of trade unions to end the strike by Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) trade unions today afternoon as thousands of vehicles continued to lineup at petrol sheds for fuel.

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New Chairperson at the NCPA


President Maithripala Sirisena has appointed .

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Hindu Makkal Katchi oppose Modi's visit to Sri Lanka


 Accusing the Sri Lankan government of suppressing Hinduism and following a policy of Buddhist chauvinism,  Hindu Makkal Katchi leader Arjun Sampath  opposed the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to Sri Lanka to take part in the Vesak festival, Indian media reported.

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CPC unions threatening strike over alleged Trinco deal


Several Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) trade unions are threatening to launch an island-wide strike  against an alleged decision by the government to sign an agreement with India regarding the oil tanks in Trincomalee, local media reported.

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Meethotamulla: Early debate not possible


  Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe yesterday told the ‘Joint Opposition’ Parliamentary Group leader Dinesh Gunawardena that an early debate in Parliament over the Meethotamulla garbage tragedy would not be possible.

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Ministerial committee to decide on LNG plants, refineries and cement plants


The Cabinet Committee on Economic Management (CCEM) has appointed an eight-member ministerial subcommittee to “draft an overall policy” on constructing, locating and operating Liquid Natural Gas plants, refineries and cement plants.

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Rs.50,000 for families to move out of Meethotamulla


The Government would pay a month allowance of Rs.

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China launches first cargo spacecraft as part of space station goal


(REUTERS) China launched its first cargo spacecraft on Thursday, taking another step towards its goal of establishing a permanently manned space station by 2022.

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