Sri Lankan asylum seekers sent back from Cocos Island


A chartered jet flown from the Cocos Islands to Sri Lanka overnight returned the group of asylum seekers, including children, who had arrived by boat on Monday, Radio Australia reported.

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Major General Sumith Manawadu passes away


Major General Sumith Manawadu passed away this morning at the Colombo National Hospital, local media reported.

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Five Kelaniya uni students arrested for ragging female fresher


Five students from the Kelaniya University have been arrested for allegedly ragging a female first year student.

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Traffic OIC of Laggala Police interdicted over firearms theft


The Traffic OIC of the Laggala Police in Matale has been interdicted regarding a party held at the station the night before the theft of firearms from its armory.

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UN Lauds Lankan court's ban on HIV discrimination


The United Nations has welcomed a landmark ruling by Sri Lanka's highest court prohibiting discrimination against people living with HIV in education, saying the judgment would set a precedent and help victims seek justice for other forms of prejudice.

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Two MPs suspended for a week


Two MPs were suspended from attending parliament sittings for a period of one week for their involvement in a brawl on the legislature that left one MP hospitalized.

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Navy arrests five Indians with 120kg of Ganja


Five Indian nationals who were attempting to smuggle 120 kilograms of Kerala Ganja into the country by boat were arrested by the Sri Lanka Navy yesterday (4).

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Cigarettes worth Rs.4.6 million seized at BIA


Customs officers at the Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA) detected 663 cartons of cigarettes worth Rs.

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Navy arrests 14 local fishermen engaged in illegal fishing


Naval personnel attached to SLNS Buwaneka apprehended 5 fishermen engaged in illegal fishing activities in the seas of Vedithalathive and Maddalampiddi, Mannar along with 5 canoes (Wallam) yesterday.

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