Lankan student jailed for 10 weeks for molesting woman in lift


 A Sri Lankan student who molested a woman in a HDB lift was jailed for 10 weeks on Tuesday.

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Govt encourages Chinese investment, ambassador says


Sri Lanka encourages Chinese investment, especially in new technology, a government official of that country said.

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Finance Ministry says country undergoing ‘mop-up’ operation


Sri Lanka's new government is carrying out a "mop-up" operation after the last administration left the small Asian country in a "debt-trap," the country's finance minister told CNBC Tuesday.

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Presidential Panel to suggest raising age of marriage for Muslim girls


The Sri Lankan Presidential panel set up to suggest amendments to the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act of 1951, is likely to recommend raising the minimum age of marriage for Muslim girls from 12 to either 16 or 18, a member of the panel told Express on condition of anonymity.

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Proposals to establish a righteous media culture submitted to President


T President Maithripala Sirisena today emphasized that the heads of the Media institutions should be committed to fulfill their obligations to build a knowledgeable society for the betterment of the society.

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UN hails landmark ruling by Supreme Court to outlaw HIV discrimination


The United Nations (UN) has welcomed a landmark ruling by Sri Lanka's highest court prohibiting the discrimination of people living with HIV in education, saying the judgment would set a precedent and help victims seek justice for other forms of prejudice.

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Committee to probe Parliament clash


Speaker Karu Jayasuriya today appointed a Committee to probe the altercation inside parliament between governemnt and opposition members in which several MPs are said to have been injured and one of them hospitalized.

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Navy nabs 3kg of explosives used for illegal fishing activities


Naval personnel attached to SLNS Lankapatuna recovered 2.

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