Eco Friends: a recycling waste management solution for Sri Lankan householdsĀ 

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Eco Friends is the newest entrant in the environmental waste management industry, seeking to change the way recyclable waste is collected from Sri Lankan households. 

Designed, developed and run by a few eco-conscious individuals, the app can be downloaded across all connected Android or IOS mobile devices. The solution is convenient and efficient; perfectly suiting busy lifestyles of many, the group said in a media statement. 

“Households in Sri Lanka generate organic, recyclable and toxic waste. The management of this waste on a daily basis calls for some form of planning. Collection and disposal are vital parts of its effective management. The solution that Eco Friends has put forward involves a Collect – Recycle – Reward model. Users can access this on demand waste collection service at their finger-tips via the app.

Once downloaded, users are entitled to a complimentary first month of services. For each following month a minimal fee of Rs.200 is levied which is used for transport, sorting and warehouse charges,” it said. 

Through the app, users can enter the type and quantity of waste available. Following this, Eco Friends will dispatch a pickup within a 7-day time frame using location-based user identification. Eco points are then issued to the user for each waste category collected (glass, plastic, paper, E - waste, metal). Every six months, these points can be redeemed against the subscription fee, staying true to their unique model. 

“The solution that Eco Friends has put forward in regard to the management household waste is one that fits the fast-paced lifestyle of the contemporary Sri Lankan. In addition to this, this is the first time in Sri Lanka that such an end-to-end solution for garbage disposal has been made available. As technology will continue to play a significant role in our lifestyles, the convenience of this application has been welcomed by many. As more users sign up, this will make the experience of waste disposal a more pleasant one,” the group said. - ENDS -

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