U.N. rights boss condemns Saudi Arabia beheading 37 men

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GENEVA (Reuters) - United Nations human rights chief Michelle Bachelet on Wednesday strongly condemned the executions of 37 Saudi men beheaded in six cities across the kingdom a day before, a statement said.

Saudi Arabia’s interior ministry said on Tuesday it executed 37 people, all Saudi nationals, in connection with terrorism crimes, state media reported.

Bachelet voiced concern about a lack of due process and fair trial guarantees amid allegations that confessions were obtained through torture. She appealed to Saudi authorities to review counter-terrorism legislation and to halt pending executions, including of three men on death row

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  • SL-Wallah Thursday, 25 April 2019 11:54 AM

    UN and Human Rights watch should mind their bloody business and not to stick their finger in other country's butt holes. Let them carry out their laws and punishments that go with them. Why not ask the same questions fro the government of United States where majority of the States practice the capital punishment in various ways on a daily basis - gas chamber, electric chair, hanging and massive lethal injections and the like. If one is to keep a count, it maybe over 50 - 60 convicts a day or even more as the death rows are pretty long, made up of majority black Americans. These are the very people that make noise when Sri Lanka is trying to reactivate the capital punishment to rid of murderers and drug dealers.

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