Four associates of wanted criminal 'Jeebumba' arrested during STF Wattala raid

15 March 2019 - 73   - 0

The Police Special Task Force (STF) which carried out a raid in the Wattala, Hekitta area today (March 15) arrested four underworld gang members along with 17kg of heroin, 1kg of cocaine and 1.5kg of hashish.

According to the Police the four underworld gang members have been identitified as associates of Mohamed Shiyam alias 'Jeebumba' who was recently arrested in Gampola.

'Jeebumba' a wanted criminal in several murder cases is also reported to have been involved in the shooting of underworld criminal Kanjipaani Imran's mistress recently.

Among the four arrested gang members, two are reported to be women.

In addition to the drugs, seven pistols of which two micro-pistols and 15 fake number plates were also seized by the STF.

Further, Special Task Force (STF) Commandant Senior DIG M.R. Latiff said that this group of underworld gang members is responsible for a shooting incident which took place two months ago in Wattala where two people who were travelling by car were shot at and killed.

In addition, the Senior DIG told media, that a shooting incident that was reported from Jampeta street a month ago, carried out by an individual on a motorbike identified as 'Malindu' was also among those arrested in this group.

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