New Lankan balm to relieve pain

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A new Sri Lankan balm that soothe aches and pain of sufferers from ailments such as back ache, muscular aches, sprains, cramps and insect bites will soon be available in the local market soon.
This was stated by Business Consultant –Eco Ceylon Global (PVT) Ltd, Ronaal Rajendra at the launch of Eco Balm held at the Sapphire Hotel at Wellawatte this week. A website of the Eco Balm too was launched. 
Mr. Rajendra said a range of locally developed Eco Balm products will be distributed at selected outlets in the suburbs of Colombo prior to expanding it island-wide during the next few months. The products include Eco Balm Red, Eco Balm white Oil, Eco Balm Oil and a Mosquito Repellent Spray for wellbeing of all Sri Lankans. 
Director –ECO Ceylon Global (PVT) Ms. Yamuna Kaliyadasa said the balm is a pain reliever for many who seek instant relief and this is manufactured using Sri Lanka’s heritage herbs. The balm has been developed by using ingredients such as menthol, clove, cajuput, peppermint and eucalyptus oils, etc. She said the company aims to build a globally recognised brand with a local flavour by catering to the international market.  “By the first half of 2019 the company has plans for Eco Balm to capture a 25 per cent market share in Sri Lanka. In order to do so our company works towards understanding customer needs and by designing products that are innovative in the market.” She further said the company intends producing many other products that include facial products in the next few months.
Eco Balm products are marketed and distributed by Emerchemie MB (Ceylon) Ltd, a leading marketer and distributor of pharmaceuticals in Sri Lanka. (JJ)


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