Sri Lankans to protest against British duplicity

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A huge demonstration against the British Government and political parties supporting pro-LTTE groups in UK is planned for Saturday afternoon opposite the Westminster parliament.


By Neville de Silva in London

A huge demonstration against the British Government and political parties supporting pro-LTTE groups in UK is planned for Saturday afternoon opposite the Westminster Parliament.

Different organisations and groups of “patriotic “ Sri Lankans based in the UK have joined hands to protest against what they say are the “double standards” of the British Government which hastily asked its High Commissioner in Colombo, James Dauris to convey to Sri Lanka its serious concern which amounted to a call for the Defence official posted to our high commission here to be withdrawn, according to some sources.

Saturday’s protest was sparked off by a Tamil demonstration near the Sri Lanka High Commission at Hyde Park Gardens on Independence Day when Tamil protestors burnt the Sri Lanka national flag and accused the high commission’s defence attache’ of making gestures which they claimed were life threatening.

Tamil groups supported by some British MPs who have continuously favoured the pro-eelamists have called on the British Government to withdraw the defence official’s diplomatic status and have him recalled.

Some of the Tamil protestors dressed in t-shirts with Prabhakaran’s face printed on them and some with eelam slogans on the back shouting “our leader Prabhakaran” stomped around trying to advance beyond the police barrier.

The inaction of the police who were well aware that the LTTE is banned as a “foreign terrorist organization” under Britain’s anti-terrorist law and any display of slogans and objects representative of a banned organization is a violation, stood by.

The protestors videoed the scene and quickly transmitted pictures of Brigadier Priyanka Fernando running his finger across his throat a couple or so times which they claimed was a threatening gesture.

Sri Lankan diaspora groups have been angered by the stance of the British Government- irrespective of which party was in power- which they say has been partial towards the Tamil community allowing an organization designated as terrorist to act with impunity and also harbouring LTTE representatives such as Adele Balasingham, the widow of LTTE spokesman Anton Balasingham.

Sri Lankan groups point out that Adele Balasingham has in a book written by her
has admitted her role in training woman suicide bombers and child soldiers. However the British Government has allowed her to reside in the UK while harassing suspected Muslim extremists and fighters.

Those organizing the protest rally are said to be irate over the lack of support for the hounded brigadier for not supporting him and bowing to the foreign ministry’s diktat to suspend Fernando from work, an order rescinded by President Sirisena.

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