Gold Coast households receive hoax letters about hosting Sri Lankan families during Commonwealth Games

20 February 2018 - 332   - 0

Gold Coast households in Australia  have begun receiving hoax letters informing them they have been selected to host Sri Lankan families throughout the 2018 Commonwealth Games.   

According to Reddit , one of the letters, states very specific ways in which host homes should cater to the needs of their guests, including getting two on-site milking goats and preparing the favourite meals of up to 11 visitors. 

Despite coming complete with official event logos and appearing to be signed off by chairman, Peter Beattie, the content of the letters didn't seem to have anyone fooled.

The letter informs its recipients about their successful selection to become part of the Australian Department of Commonwealth Relations' 'United by the Moment. Share your Home' plan. 

'You will be pleased, I am sure, to know we have assigned a typical family group from Sri-Lanka to be guests in your home for a few months before and after the Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games,' it states. 

Homeowners are then encouraged to adapt their properties to make their visitors transition into Western culture as seamless as possible. 

'To ensure you are able to make the necessary accommodation arrangements, the family will consist of mother, father, children (5), wife's brother, grandfather, grandmother and her sister,'

'Tents and stretchers, also portable toilets are available at a modest rental (cost).' 

The letter goes on to explain at least two milking goats will be required per host home, to 'ensure fresh milk can be made available'. 

Families were also reassured they would be given Sri Lankan recipes and some staple food items to avoid causing them 'inconvenience'.

'We shall provide adequate supplies of curry powder, rice, chicken and powdered goats milk.' 

They are also recommended to hire a mini bus for the 'happy occasion' of picking their visitors up from the airport.

'While this may seem like small gesture to you, we are convinced that it is the only way such brotherhood projects should start.' 

Commonwealth Games Australia chairman, Peter Beattie, revealed the letter was nothing but 'forgery'. 

'Sadly there are some nasty people in the world. Please ignore it and tell your friends it is a forgery. The Games are going to be fantastic,' he wrote on Twitter

The letter has been quickly written off as a scam, but it's left many wondering it's purpose, given it used fake contact numbers and didn't ask for money.


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