BBC programme on Big Cats highlights Lanka's little wonder in rare footage of smallest cat in the world

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A BBC programme on Big Cats has highlighted the lesser known world of the smallest cat on the planet, a species which is extremeley rare  reportedly found only in the forests of Sri Lanka and India.

In footage captured while filming a documentary about its much larger relatives, the programme shows footaged of the spotted cat in Sri Lanka. The miniature cat is said to weigh a little over a kilogram and could comfortably snuggle into the palm of a hand when fully grown. However, according to reports the cat is  is 200 times lighter than a lion - but is equally predatory when it comes to the search for food.

Although it looks very similar to a family pet, this one is different from domestic moggies and 'what it lacks in size it makes up for in daring', as it doesn't mind getting a little wet, the documentary claimed. 

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