PM says time to seize opportunity to bring new constitution

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Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe  said today that the country was at a decisive period in its history and the question before all of  all was whether  to move  forward in  finding a solution to the national problem by bringing about a new constitution or bury that attempt and lose the unprecedented opportunity at hand.


The Prime Minister Wickremesinghe said this while participating in the debate on the interim committee report of the constitutional assembly. It was the third day of the four day debate.

The Prime Minister said that said the government is acting in keeping with the mandate given by the people in the last election. 

“We should make use of this opportunity to go forward. Going forward does not mean that we would agree with every recommendation. We could iron out differences through the means of discussion,” he said.

The Prime Minster explained that there were diverse opinions over the official language. There were issues pertaining to the place of Buddhism in the constitution. When the 13th amendment to the constitution was introduced, there was a clamor that the country was being divided. But those who shouted then today shout for the protection of the 13th amendment. Today they state that the 13th amendment would ensure the unitary status of the country”

He added that though the war is over, the root causes of the conflict remain unsolved.” We need to find solutions for this. We could do so through the means of negotiation and discussion.”


“I call upon those who oppose this process not to spread lies that the country would be divided. The majority of this parliament is Sinhala Buddhists. We are not here to destroy the Sinhalese and Buddhism,” he added. 


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