A look back at the winners of the COINS film festival

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The third edition of the Colombo International Student Film Festival (COINS Film Festival) concluded recently  at the Sri Lanka Foundation Institute and highlighted the exceptional talent, of both local and international students of cinematography.

By Joshua Surendraraj

Amidst the bustle of the festival, we spoke to Chirath De Silva, who aside from being the project chairperson was also a contestant.  This year the festival saw the inclusion of a new category, which was animation. The remaining two categories were fiction and nonfiction. Since this was a short film festival, the submissions needed to be longer than two minutes and less twenty five minutes.

The festival was first put together by the students of TV and Film, back in 2011 as a part of their final year projects. It ran for a second time back in 2014 and this was the third edition of the festival. 

“Our main goal was to create an international platform for the students and that’s the whole purpose of organizing this event.”  Chirath went on to explain that in comparison with the previous festivals, where most of the submissions were from the Asian region, this year included films from European countries such as Germany, France and even Poland.

Mr Dhanushka Gunathilake, the Artistic Director of the festival spoke to us next. He explained the screenings of the festival, which was one of its main highlights, fell into three categories. Namely, the competition, the Coins World Cinema and the Coins Masters.

Mr. Gunathilake tells us that nearly 280 submissions were received for the competition. Out of this 56 were selected and screened at the SLF auditorium. The task of deciding the winner of the grant fell on the final jury, which looked at not just the film alone but also the process of the film maker, the film development and the output. “Our task was to decide whether this student can project for a feature film.”

The final section was the Coin Masters, which projected feature films such as ‘Retrospective’ by veteran film maker Abbas Kiarostam and even Jude Ratnam’s film ‘Demons in Paradise’ which was one of the very first Sri Lankan documentaries to be shown at the Cannes film festival.

Colombo International Student Film Festival - Award Ceremony

(Coins) 2017


September 09th, 2017 At Sri Lanka Foundation, Digital Film Academy



Segment  01



Non Fiction Category


Best Sound Designer

Deepak Jain


Sikkim Manipal University



Best Editor

Frank Carsten Walter                                                  The World We Live In,         

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Gmbh Germany



Best Cinematographer

Sandaruwan Abeysinghe                                             Awasan Sarasuma,

Sri Lanka Foundation, Digital Film Academy,

Sri Lanka.




Best Director

Hanna Fischer, Sofiia Melnyk& Nina Prange              The World We Live In,

Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg Gmbh  Germany












Segment  02


Animation Category


Best Cg Acting


Animated By  Edwin Leeds, Jonathan Valette

Director(S ) By  MaximeGental, ZoéPelegrin-Bomel, Edwin Leeds, PulkitaMathur, Jonathan Valette& Catherine LardéSupinfocomRubika



Best Animation Character Design


Director(S )  By MaximeGental, ZoéPelegrin-Bomel, Edwin Leeds, PulkitaMathur, Jonathan Valette, Catherine LardéSupinfocomRubika



Best Animation Look Development


Director(S )  By Pierre Ropars, Antonin Derory, Diane Thirault, JérémieCottard, MatthieuDruaud, AdrienZumbihlSupinfocomRubika


Best CG Film


Overrun                                              Directed (S) By Pierre Ropars, Antonin Derory, Diane Thirault, JérémieCottard, MatthieuDruaud&AdrienZumbihl









Segment  03


Fiction Category


Best Sound Designer


GihanMadhushankaPerera                             Dispersion Of White Light

Sri Lanka Foundation, Digital Film Academy,

Sri Lanka.


Best Editor


NadunTharakaPadmasiri                                 1.75,

Sri Lanka Foundation, Digital Film Academy,

Sri Lanka.



Best Cinematographer


YoshithaDilpasandaPerera                             Dispersion Of White Light

Sri Lanka Foundation, Digital Film Academy

Sri Lanka.



Best Director

Clemens Roth                                                  The Fantastic Love Of Bee Boy And Flower GirlFilmakademie Baden-Württemberg Gmbh  Germany














Segment  04


Audience Award

DananjayaBandara                                                     Song of the Innocent

                                                                                    University of Visual and Performing Arts 

                                                                                    Sri Lanka.

Segment  05


Award Of Excellence

Jude Ratnam



COINS Tribute  Award


Ashley Ratnavibhushana

Mudalige Don Mahindapala





Segment  06


The Golden COINS Award – Winner

Best Picture


Overrun                                                          SupinfocomRubika,


DirectedBy                                                     Pierre Ropars, Antonin Derory, Diane Thirault, JérémieCottard, MatthieuDruaud&AdrienZumbihl


Animated By                                                  JérémieCottard, Antonin Derory, Diane Thirault, AdrienZumbihl


Edited By                                                        Antonin Derory& Pierre Ropars

Sound Designer                                             Kevin Bardin

Segment  07

COINS Debut Grant Award  

Taking in to the consideration of pre-production, Script development, production quality and projection of the idea to the mass,  the COINS Debut Grant is Awarding to the director of the short films ‘Shadow in the Dark’ and ‘White Light’ Chirath De Silva

Screenings_in competition_03 Screenings_in competition_06 SLF_01 COINS_11 Debut Grant_Chirath de Silva Golden COIN for Best Picture_Overrun_France Indian DOP Sunny Joshep_Masterclass_01

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