Colombo's TED Talks to get underway this month

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It’s been six years since TEDxColombo was a mere exciting idea. Since then, their audiences have grown from 100 (at the first event) to last year’s crowd of 1100 people. The team that was once a few teenagers and their family and friends is now a 13 member organizing committee with over 60 volunteers. “In honest truth, I never saw this coming” Safra Anver admits.

Last year’s event found them hosting TEDx Organizers from South Asia and TED Applications Manager in Sri Lanka. The event she says has grown beyond the regiform letters painted and transformed into end to end LED walls. They curate the event differently too in the way they prep their speakers and focus on topics that were more relatable and important to Sri Lanka.

2015 also found an expanding experience with Social Spaces, Speaker meet and greets workshops and interesting menus – all at subsidized rates. Continually trying to outdo their previous work, the event has expanded to younger audiences as well with TEDxYouth@Colombo and TEDxColomboLive which is a live stream of the TED conference.

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