“Private and Confidential” - comedy drama by director Dammage Don Ariyawansa at the Punchi Theatre

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“Pudgalikai Rahasigathai” (“Private and Confidential”) a comedy-drama by the versatile director Dammage Don Ariyawansa will be a Sinhala adaptation of the witty and flamboyant British playwright Sir Noel Coward’s year 1930 masterpiece‘Private Lives’. The play will be staged at the Namel Malini Punchi Theatre (Borella) this August 18 and 19 at 3.30 pm and 6.30 pm respectively.


The curtains opens on newly weds and current honeymooners Henry and his new wife.Henry who is resurfacing from the sea of marital bliss is in for a startling surprise on meeting his ex-wife Amanda and her new husband (who are coincidentally staying in the adjacent room at the same hotel!) also on their honeymoon. When these two old flames meet, audiences can certainly expect fire, as the comedy thrusts it’s protagonists into hilarious situations of love, marriage, family and whole lot of mayhem.


Having had adaptations of this the play in countries all around the world, Sri Lankan audiences will be fits of giggles whilst gripping the edges of their seat in anticipation as the play unfolds.


The production will compromise of stellar cast of actors who have showcased their talents on stage, tele- dramas and film. The cast will include Jagath Chamila, Wasanthi Ranwala,Umayangana Wickramasinghe  and Sarath Karunaratne, an ensemble who will be the heart of what aims to be a truly memorable comedic performance.


The introductory essay is by Saman Pushpa Liyanage with production by Nimal Ranaweera and Andurani Dhammage. Music direction is by veteran musician and composer Sarath Fernando. 


Tickets are available at the venue. For more information contact Dammage 0769084116, Namal on 0714807107 or Mangala on 077822133.

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  • Shamal Monday, 21 August 2017 11:39 AM

    Great play! Well acted and directed.

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