Celebrities in the raw Andy Gotts style

14 July 2017 - 28   - 0

Despite photographing a huge range of famous faces Andy Gotts has always insisted on one thing: that his portraits remain untouched.

His contact sheets will be on display at The Unseen Exhibition at The Showroom Presents, Fulham, London, until end of July 2017.

Gotts' unique photography style can be seen across this series of contact sheets, from George Clooney in a pirate hat to Matt Damon emerging from a plant pot.

Follow him on @DrGotts on Instagram

_96827002_penelope_cruz _96826996_julia_roberts _96826690_george_clooney _96826689_brad_pitt

Pic courtesy instagram.com/drgotts/

This story first appeared in the BBC

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