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3rd October 1999

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All frills, nice cakes

By Roshan Peiris

Nice cakeOrancy Siriwardana opened her cake shop with the unusual name of 'Sugar Frill Cake Shop'a year ago on October 14. Chic and smart herself, Orancy believes that this is no everyday business but one that calls for a degree of creative genius.

"From next month I intend starting classes and I will teach my pupils to think up unusual cake designs and encourage them in creative cake making. Some think that making cake structures is a waste, but I don't agree for one can bring into focus one's creative faculties to make eye - catching designs,'' she says.

Orancy's shop is at Pelawatte, Battaramulla near the Parliament and close to her home as well.

"I chose this location because this is a fast developing area. Why should I too have my shop in the city of Colombo where there are so many cake and pastry shops. From my young days I've been a non-conformist, you might say," she smiles.

"I started cake making as a hobby when I was just around fifteen and my sister used to guide me. I went to school at St. Paul's Kelaniya but funnily I did not excel in Domestic Science. I love cake making and cake decorating, because it gives me scope to use my imagination and try out new and decorative cakes.

"I learnt under five different teachers so that I would not get stale but become familiar with new ideas that each of them had. I have three senior helpers in my shop, one of whom is my sister. I get very good support from my staff as well, and I must acknowledge their support.

Orancy's husband Sujith who has a garment printing company gives her much help and encouragement.

"He is my unobtrusive backstage helper and I am most grateful to him," she says.

I am also a member of the 'Registration of British Sugar Craft' and I get all my equipment from London. I visit Paris often too, to get new ideas."

Orancy also makes vegetarian cake with fruit and milk and no eggs.

"I find that vegetarianism is now the popular trend both here and in the West as well," she says.

To Orancy cake making and decoration is an art form. She firmly believes that art, imagination and creativity should be the focus of cake making and cake decorating.

The themes she said, differed depending whether the cake is a wedding, anniversary or birthday cake for a child or for an adult.

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