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3rd October 1999
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Sound proof

A group of one time intelligence sleuths including experienced snoopers have ganged together to help an opposition political party.

One of their first collective effort was to ensure a conference area in the party's headquarters is made sound proof.

Eavesdroppers can no longer pry on heated discussions or private pow vows on polls strategies.

As for those entering the conference halls, identity checks will keep the intruders out.

Bizarre stories

Bizarre stories are doing the rounds after the military wing leader of a non militant Tamil group was killed in an explosion.

Intelligence sources say the political wing leader was among those who was in the north to attend the funeral of the slain man. But he beat a hasty retreat to Colombo after news reached him that a group within plotted to assassinate him, of all places, at the cemetery.

Now the dissident group has fled to the jungles, some with arms issued to them earlier. The leader who wants them disarmed has made a fervent appeal to the military authorities to arrest them and seize the weapons.

In the confusion that goes on, intelligence sources say, the slain military man had collected over five million rupees through his own way of "fund raising." That is not all. They say the money has been "transferred" across the seas. Did he entertain ideas to call it quits and live abroad ? Even the int boys are puzzled.

Diplomatic assignment

Retired top cops gathered for a re-union at the Senior Police Officer's mess in Bambalapitiya.

The talking point was about retired IGPs taking up diplomatic assignments. They spoke of cops turned High Commissioners like Ana Seneviratne, late Herbert Weerasinghe, Rudra Rajasingham and Ernest Perera.

The gathering "resolved" to give some advice to Police Chief, Lucky Kodituwakky. He should not acccept anything other than an Ambassador/High Commissioner post, if he was offered one after retirement.

All this because the controversial former IGP, W.B. Rajaguru, has accepted the post of Deputy High Commissioner in South Africa.

Working at peak feeding

With President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunga and Foreign Minister, Lakshman Kadirgamar, away in Washington and New York respectively, faxes at the Foreign Ministry were working at peak feeding the local and foreign media in Colombo.

Between the news releases came the copy of a fax which acting Foreign Secretary has sent to the Sri Lanka Embassy in Cuba. It was a letter granting a diplomat three days leave to leave his station on holiday to a neighbouring capital.


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