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25th April 1999

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girl with an unusual careerShe looks at the whole picture

By Roshan Peiris

one could easily mistake Vaish Sathasivam for a model, given her striking looks. But she is a clever young girl with a goal and an unusual career.

She is a Homeopath, having qualified at Regent's College, London.

Vaish had her schooling at St. Bridget's and at Stafford Ladies College and made up her mind to pursue medical studies in India. "But with the unsettled conditions in India at that time just after Rajiv Gandhi's assassination I decided to go to London. I had always wanted to study medicine."

But why homeopathy? "I read some literature on homeopathy and decided it was the sort of medicine I had in mind. For example I found that in allopathic medicine I did not find answers to a lot of questions that baffled me. I found homeopathy more comprehensive and hence opted to study it at Regent's College for three years."

There is no specialisation as such, she said, in homeopathy. Vaish explained that the basis of homeopathic medicine is holistic and basically recognises that the body can repair and maintain itself. She qualified this by saying that homeopathy treatment stimulates the immune system.

Vaish said there were many myths and notions about homeopathy which are evidently wrong. "It is said that in homeopathy the cure is a slow process. This is not so at all. How can it be, when homeopathy is used even in first aid treatment where time is of the essence.

"Homeopathy can be used in cases'' where there is bleeding due to a cut or some injury and when fingers get trapped," she added.

It is also said that certain food and drinks are not allowed in homeopathy. Vaish explained, "There is no hard and fast rule about say, drinking coffee or eating pineapple. It all depends on the sensitivity of the individual's system. Some are able to take coffee in small quantities, with no adverse effects, while others have after effects such as nausea."

She has even written her thesis on the unusual subject of "the therapeutic use of homeopathy in the treatment of cholera" which is still found in the "developing" world.

How does one treat cholera? "In homeopathy one describes the symptoms of the disease- a cardinal rule in curing any disease. One does not distinguish symptoms of one disease as such, say cholera, but tries to see a complete picture. That is how a homeopath works. The complete picture is the person's physical, emotional and even mental state."

Vaish Sathasivam has now set up her own clinic at Cambridge Place, Colombo 7.

Neelan elected

Dr. Neelan Tiruchelvam was elected Chairman of the Minority Rights Group International, the London based international human rights and research organisation. Dr. Tiruchelvam was elected to a four year term and will succeed Sir John Thomson, the former UK Permanent Representative to the United Nations, in New York.

MRG has published almost one hundred reports on issues relating to minorities and also publishes the 800 page world Directory on Minorities. It enjoys consultative status with the United Nations, and was active in the framing of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Minorities and in securing a permanent mandate for the UN Council of Europe, the European Union, and the Organisation on Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE)


Kidney and financial assistance

Sisirakantha Manaram Fernando, 42 years, of 24/3C, Sagara Lane 5, Uyana, Moratuwa is suffering from acute end stage renal failure . To save his life, he very urgently needs a Kidney from 'B' Positive (Blood Group) donor.

Doctor Chula Herath has advised that the kidney transplant be carried out without delay at an Indian hospital.

Sisirakantha is a father of a 12 year old son. He is unable to meet the cost of about Rs. 600,000/- . He requests financial assistance from willing donors and well wishers to make this surgery possible. Those wishing to help could kindly remit their contributions to M.S.M. Fernando Fund Account. No. 10611114618 at the Bank of Ceylon, Idama Branch, Moratuwa.

Please contact the following telephone numbers for further details during weekends and after 7.00p.m. on weekdays-Tel.. 647189 or 648255.

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