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20th December 1998

No Suruttu Kade

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The Grand Old Party, or the United National Party it appears is very keen about the last word of its name - Party. Its fun and dances in Los Angeles, most inappropriate on the death anniversary of SWRD Bandaranaike hit the headlines. It did not bring credit to its Bank Account either.

Last week it was Party-time again for its 80 something MPs hosted by its leader. Well, it was in fact in his capacity as Leader of the Opposition and for all Opposition MPs.

There was no show however from the CWC (which sits in the Opposition and votes with the Govt) this year as it was licking its wounds from an embarrassing defeat to its leader's Ministry votes.

The party was in full swing. The MPs were as high as the Oberoi Supper Club, when one UNPer from the Anamaduwa area asked for a cigar.

The manager brought out a box and these MPs who are so used to freebees pounced and emptied it in seconds.

Cigars are now the in-thing with politikkos after the Bill and Monica testimony became public. But somebody had to pay the bill. Rs. 21,000, it was for the box of cigars. Negotiations we are told are in progress to at least pay cost-price on the footing that only one cigar was ordered. They also want the GST removed.

The hotel claims though one was ordered all were pocketed. And this is no Suruttu kade where you ask for one and are given one. You are given a choice to select from.

The party high command now wants to bring in A.C.S. Hameed, a veteran at both negotiating and smoking Cigars (Havana - courtesy: Fidel Castro and JRJ only) to sort it out.

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