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12th July 1998

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I know the law...

It was reportedly a heated exchange at the meeting at the highest levels. The issue was whether to declare island-wide emergency and stop nominations to Provincial polls, or call for nominations and decide on postponing the elections on a later date.

The man in charge of the uniformed gentry said he just cannot spare the men who are fighting at the front. The learned professori concurred.

But the big lady was adamant that the due process of nominations must be done. She began giving a learned disposition of the law; the Constitution, the Election law, the works.

"But I thought the AG's men said to the contrary," muttered the General. The professori concurred.

"I have advice from the best," shot back the big lady. The General and the professori were forced to concur before being conked out. The big lady had conquered.

Why not?

Who told the vener- able prelate that there was heavy international pressure to stop the war and express fears that the PA leadership would yield for it ?

Did the same call for public statements not to stop the war until it is won. There are whispers this was the reason why. The prelates made the call to go ahead with the war and not do anything that would stall it. They even wanted the man who would be responsible for such a success to be made the king.

Some are sure adept at manipulations at any level, be it in the front- lines or behind the scenes.

Why not when one has all the resources.

Hit the Bambu

It looks like the state run Independent Television Network has begun introducing new lexicon for the country's political parties.

Last Friday night, immediately after its nightly news bulletin, an ITN commentator was referring to Anura Bandaranaike and the problems he was facing in the UNP.

He argued that Mr. Bandaranaike had every right to remain in the UNP for it was founded by his father, the late S.W.R.D. Bandaranaike and the late D.S. Senanayake. The ITN had a suggestion for the UNPers who wanted him out.

It was 'Bambu Gahanna.' The not so complimentary phrase literally translated mean 'hit the bamboo' but it had more derogatory overtones than the simple meaning it conveyed.

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