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17th May 1998

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Way to go Sanath


Sumudu with Murali

Sanath and Sumudu at the Poruwa

Sanath and Sumudu

It was the match the whole country had waited for. And there were cheers all around as Lanka's best loved batsman Sanath Jayasuriya wed Sumudu Karunanayake at the Lanka Oberoi on May 8. Present at the wedding to wish their mate a wonderful innings were the whole Lankan team. Gemunu Amarasinghe captured these winning moments.

Sanath and Sumudu

Aravinda and Hathurusinghe

Sanath and Sumudu

Colouring your hair

Many people want to change their hair colour. It's estimated that about 50% of all women colour their hair, and an increasing number of men do too. Anyone would be confused by the variety of products, from many different manufacturers, that fill the hair-colouring section of the average drug store

Today's consumers are not dependent on professional care exclusively to colour their hair. Hair - dye manufacturers in recent years have increased the ease, simplicity, and convenience of application. Many kinds of colour change can be achieved successfully with home-use products; others, specially drastic colour changes, are still best left to the professional hair dresses.

If you understand the different types of hair-colouring products work you can begin to sort out the packages on the shelf. There are basically six types: 1) Temporary colours, 2) Semi-permanent colours, 3) Permanent oxidation dyes, 4) Lead acetate dyes, 5) Vegetable dyes and 6) Bleaches. Bleaching may be done as a preliminary step to semi-permanent or oxidation dying or alone. There are also specialised bleaching techniques such as frosting and streaking.

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