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19th April 1998

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When will the Penny drop about Charles?

The royalling of Camilla Parker Bowles is now in full flow

After her acceptance at Sandringham, plans are afoot to cooperate with a tame biography of Charles which will feature the couple's relationship.

This latest piece of public relations will be written by author Penny Junor who has already published two books on the prince.

Naturally, she denies her latest will be a whitewash of the relationship claiming it will be "honest and independent" and not critical of Diana.

If that is so it will be in stark contrast to her earlier labours.

Nearly six years ago she wrote a long investigation of Charles' life and was billed as the "royal author closest to the Prince of Wales, contacted by Charles' circle to tell his story."

Very independent. In her fearless search for the facts, Ms Junor discovered that Diana's bulimia "caused her to distort the truth and to seek someone to blame for her misery, the prince himself. The bulimia, brought on by her unhappy childhood, is to blame for the five suicide attempts and the cry for help, not Charles.""

It gets better.......

''Charles has encouraged his wife to get treatment, to try to accommodate her whims and to cope with her jealousy, only to be met with tears and shouting. ''

The state of the royal marriage, Ms Junor insisted, had reached crisis point 'because of Diana's illness and for no other reason.'

My goodness, she really had been talking to Charles' mates. But what about the big one?

What about his relationship with Camilla?

Ms Junor had fearlessly dug out the facts. ''There is no doubt that Charles loves Camilla very dearly, but as a friend, and a friend he has had to rely on increasingly over the years to maintain his sanity. . . he is not the adulterous kind."

Presumably, Ms Junor will be talking to the same friends who conned her with this load of lying.

And they will be "helping" her for the same reason - to prop up a prince who cannot take the blame for the enormity of what he has done.

Camilla: I will marry Charles

Prince Charles' mistress Camilla Parker Bowles has vowed the pair will marry.

She told friends the wedding will be "within a few years."

Camilla spoke as the couple took their first steps in seeking public approval for their love after Princess Diana's death - jointly hosting a weekend at Sandringham. The blonde divorcee is now convinced that they can put that tragedy behind them and become accepted as man and wife.

Advisers have noted that after Diana's death Charles became a widower in the eyes of the Church of England removing a major obstacle. Charles - 50 this year - is devoted to Camilla despite the controversy he knows their relationship could cause. A recent weekend guest of the couple said: "When they are at home with friends they are like Darby and Joan. She calls him darling."

Camilla's hopes emerged after her recent holiday in Chile with one of the Prince's closest friends Lucia Santa Cruz. A pal said: "One day soon the running and the hiding have to stop."

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