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29th March 1998

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I swear...

This is a strange but true story. A big boss in khaki seems to have gone berserk. He swears he would fix The Sunday Times scribe who is much in the news these days. No matter what happens, I'll have the "b..r" nabbed, he swears.

Seems the man is hurt about his good buddy bowing out of the scene despite all his "side support". This boss does not hide his feelings. He declared last week during a closed door meeting that his buddy was a man of class. He was no match for the other duo who rubbed shoulders.

Like in the movies, our "help karaya" is no ordinary man. He has the right advice to many problems including snooping, slander campaigns and even finding men to surrender with alibis.

Talk of abuse of power and authority. Who said there were some in uniform who were out to embarrass the top PA leader? There sure is some wisdom in the remark. Why blame the poor minions. They have to obey what their gurus tell them.

Mysterious girl

Alert Military Police- men detected a move by some soldiers to "smuggle" a woman into Army Headquarters past the security barriers.

They are said to have concealed her on the floor of a Land Rover and driven in past the main security gate when they were spotted by the alert MP. It has now turned out that the men concerned had used a Land Rover which formed part of the escort for the Army Commander. A Sergeant is in Military Police custody whilst a top level investigation is underway.

I give you ten more reasons...

Why did a senior Brigadier at Army Headquarters write to an unsuccessful tenderer giving him reasons why a particular award was not made to them?

Army top brass are trying to ascertain the reasons since they say it is never done. The letter is said to have been sent after the Ministry of Defence awarded a tender for over Rs 10 million to the tenderer in question. It had later been cancelled on the recommendations of Army Headquarters after it was found that the tenderer was under investigation for supplying items short of the stipulated quantity. Now, they say, that the tenderer has resorted to legal action. Among the reasons he has used to support his cause is the letter written by the senior Brigadier.

Gimme gimme gimme...

The young man from the north was arrested by a City Police Station last month. He was interrogated and later remanded for three days but was discharged thereafter when it was found he had not come to the adverse notice of the Police.

The man decided to join his mother and sister in India. His lawyer accompanied him to the airport. Local security men there put him through a series of questions and later demanded dollars for his release. The lawyer was not allowed to intervene and watched the drama helplessly. The young man did not have that much dollars to part. Talk of cashing in on human misery, this is just an example of what goes on.

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