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8th March 1998

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Halt to hero’s march

This political organiser is no ordinary man. His reach, like his official tasks, cover the entire island.

He was campaigning very hard. One would have thought it was for the party. But it now turns out, it was more for himself. He wants to limp his way to the top slot, come what may.

Who can blame the boss for getting angry and calling an immediate halt to the video campaign.

Our man is portrayed as the sole hero in all the real life video adventures that were screened at electoral level. Audiences were thrilled to see him the regalia of a warrior pushing the enemy to the wall.

It is the battle hardened heroes who are the real leadership material, seemed to be the message. He has now been told enough is enough. No more abuse of state-owned media material to play hero and personal image building.

Bomb and the boys

A fortnight ago I referred to a spirited industrious politico who visited the scout Jamboree at Pallekelle and asked the young lads from Kilinochchi, “Have you brought bombs”.

Now another bombshell has been dropped. The industrious one called up the chief and complained. They were asked to complain to me. So an emergency meeting was called and decided that they write to me and tell me in a long letter that the industrious politico was so good at the Jamboree at Pallekelle.

“He walked almost two kilometres and spoke to most of the boys in a friendly and cordial atmosphere. No others of the tribe had attended such camps and spent time with the boys,” they tell me.


But our man did ask, “Have you brought bombs.” A spirited question indeed. And that’s on the record!

Five-star horror

Some politicians are sending shivers down spine of staff in leading hotels.

It was just two weeks ago that the politico with high security decided to devour sea food at a leading city restaurant.

Gun toting men virtually took over the hotel. Not to be frisked and hassled, many customers who came in chose to go elsewhere.

The politician and his two friends were the only ones (apart from the bodyguards with their guns bulging out of their trouser pockets) who were at the restaurant.

But the men who got most jittery were the kitchen staff. The body- guards were all there in the kitchen watching how they grilled the prawns and baked the fish.

The hotel management is praying that the politicos do not come for they lose a lot of business. But they cannot speak out.

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